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Wifaq Ul Madaris Al Shia Result 2022 – Wifaq Ul Madaris Shia Results 2022 Pakistan Annual and Supplementary ResultsIf you would like to check WIFAQ UL MADARIS SHHIA’s most recent results for 2022 in all classes 11-12 and also the grades 9 to 10 and 9 through 10, you can find them here. WIFAQ MADARIS AL SHIA result for 2022 can be seen for all grades 9th, 10th 11th, 12th and FA results. Wafaq ul Madaris Shia Pakistan Results for 2022 are now accessible on the internet. Keep up-to-date on the most recent research and the date of announcement to this year’s WIFAQUL MADARIS AL SHIA year 2022.

Wifaq-Ul-Madaris-Al-Shia-LogoWifaq Ul Madaris Al Shia Result 2022

It is expected that the Dars E Nizami annual results 2022 will be published from the Wafaq ul Madaris Shia Pakistan. The complete 1443 HIJRI WAFAQ UL MADRIS registration and the resulting classes’ results could be found here.

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This is a welcome announcement for all those who have been eagerly waiting for WMA results. Students who are from Punjab, BALOCHISTAN, SINDH, AJK, KPK, and GILIT BALTISTAN are able to view their results without difficulty.

Wifaqulmadaris Result 2022

In 2022 the outcomes of Wafaq the Madaris Shi’i darse Nizami, Sanaweya ama, Tahfeez Ul Quran al Kareem, Matwasta, Tajweed ul Quran al Kareem and Aliya and Sanvia Khasa will be published.So, WIFAQ ULMADARIS SHIA Islamic schools of instruction in Pakistan are frequently regarded as among the top in the country.

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Following the official announcement, you’ll be able access your Wafaq Madaris test results on the internet. A secret strict power that was in operation since the year 1957.

Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 1443

Students of both genders are able to make use of this site to stay informed of the most current information about this year’s WIFAQ UL MADARIS SHHIA Pakistan annual results 2022 Baneen & Banat. This website is maintained by the WAFAQ UL MADARIS Multan has overseen a variety of Islamic MADRASSAS and schools in Pakistan for quite a long period of.

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Wafaqul Madaris Shia Mutawasta Performances (Aliya, Ama, Khasa, Aalmiya) can be seen by entering your username and registration number below.The annual results will be released on April 2nd, 2022. The date of Walk 2022 was of the WIFAQ MADARIS UL Exam.


Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2022 Multan Board

Therefore, therefore, WIFAQ MADARIS SHIA Islamic education institutions located in Pakistan are generally thought of as the best in the world. Its WIFAQULMIDARAS test 1443 H attracted nearly 30,000 students both female and male.

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How to Check WIFAQ UL MADARIS SHIA Result 2022 Check online

  1. Check or download your outcome and Print your result by squeezing Ctrl+P
  2. Enter your Name or Roll Number in the search box then submit. Your Result will show on the screen.
  3. Go to the Official site and Click on Check Result
  4. Select BANEEN for Male and BANANA for Female
  5. Select the test in which you seem Annual or ZIMNI
  6. Select Year in which you take part in the test.
  7. Select your Class and Secession

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A private religious institution that is operating since. The names of the people who were elected to positions in WIFAQ the UL MADARIS SHIA results in 1443 are listed below to your advantage. It is believed that the Wafaq ul Madaris Multan has managed thousands of Islamic madrassas and schools in Pakistan for many years. WIFAQ UL Madaris AL SHIA RESULT 2022- Visit @wmshia.com to see the Wifaq Madaris Shia results in 2022 1443 in online.

Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2022 By Roll Number

It is known that the WIFAQ UL MADARIS SHIA annual exam in 2022 has attracted many students. Official announcements of Baneen, as well as the Banat 1443 Hijri Wafaq ul Madaris Al Arabia Multan Pakistan Results of the Annual Exam, will be posted on this site in 2022.

Wifaq Ul Madaris Result 2022 1443 Hijri Check Online

Students can now view their grades online. This year’s Wifaq ul Madaris result for 2022 is available here using the roll number.Once you have your findings There could be an official website-based crush.



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Tajweed Lil Ulma  تجوید للعلماء Check Result
Tajweed Lil Huffaz  تجوید للحفاظ Check Result
Tahfeez al Quran ul Kareem تحفیظ القران الکریم Check Result
Sania Ama  ثانیہ عامہ Check Result
Mutawassat  متوسط Check Result
Khasa Dom  خاصہ دوم Check Result
Khasa Awal  خاصہ اول Check Result
Alia Dom عالیہ دوم Check Result
Aalmia Dom عالمیا دوم Check Result
Aalmia Awal عالمیہ اول Check Result
Aalia Awal  عالیہ اول Check Result

Wafaq ul Madaris Result 2022 Online Check By Roll No Wise

The complete results for all students of Dars-E-Nizami can be found online, sorted by name and roll number Madaris, class, paper or subject, as well as darajata to every single Baneen or Banat. Our website offers the ability to access the entire WIFAQ results for the UL MADARIS SHIA test results.Wifaq Ul Madaris Shia Score 2022 can be viewed here. See all 11th,12th 9th, 10th and 11th grade results as well results for SSC, HSSC, FA, FSC, Matric, and BA/MA on the internet.

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