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Seed Programme HEC 2023 – For future Pakistani undergraduate students for upcoming Pakistani undergraduate students, you can take advantage of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Huawei Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Huawei and HEC will provide free instruction in ICT skills for 30 undergraduate students across the nation as part of the Huawei Seeds for the Future Program 2020.

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Pakistan has launched its Huawei Seeds for the Future Program 2023.Details in the last five years, approximately 55 students across the country have been sent to China for two weeks of training on Chinese Culture and ICT Skills to enhance their professional abilities.

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As a result of COVID-19 HEC and Huawei each plan to provide an online course of eight days in information and communication technology (ICT) for 30-40 Pakistani students beginning on the 26th of September. Due to COVID-19 this year, HEC and Huawei will organize the course online starting on the 21st of September and running until the 25th of September 2020.

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The applicants selected will engage in virtual cross-cultural interactions and will gain an understanding (5G Cloud, 5G, AI and more.) of the ICT created at Huawei’s headquarters. The Huawei Technologies (Pvt).

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Based upon their performances and participation depending on their participation and performance, they may receive Huawei’s certification and mementos, smartphones, and smartwatches. Ltd Pakistan and The Higher education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan are seeking applications for potential Pakistani undergraduate students for Huawei’s “Seeds for the Future” program for 2020.

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Students who have completed the program, However, they are not considered for consideration this year. Huawei will conduct online training to 30 exceptional Pakistani learners in the area of ICT between September 21-25, 2020.

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Take note that in the last seven years HEC selected 130 college students at different institutions in Pakistan as well as 55 students who were taken into China by Huawei to participate in the two-week program of training in the fields of culture and advanced ICT capabilities. The students selected will gain important and modern ICT Knowledge developed by Huawei’s headquarters, and will experience virtual cross-cultural communication.

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In relation to Huawei’s Seeds for the Future Program 2023, here’s what you should know about it: The top two students will be chosen and then taken to China to participate in the learning tour early 2021, along with other students from around the globe.


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Huawei was founded in 1987 and has since become a major player in the area of smart devices as well as ICT infrastructure. Students who are among the top 10 will receive Huawei souvenirs as a reward for their participation.

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With more than 3 billion people across the globe, We employ nearly 195,000 people across more than 170 countries and regions. It should be noted that the required minimum CGPA required to be enrolled in the program is 3.5 or more.

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Huawei is determined to make digital technology accessible to every individual as well as every home and every company in order to create a connected, intelligent, and connected world. Students entering the 7th or 8th semester are eligible to enroll in the Huawei program. when they have recently graduated and are eligible, they can also apply.

HEC Innovator Seed Fund (ISF) 2023

To achieve this, we’ll push open network access and advocate for wide-ranging connectivity to build the foundations for an intelligent society. Twenty-six universities submitted propositions to the HEC to join the program.


We will also offer a variety of computing power to offer ubiquitous cloud computing and intelligence. We will also develop solid digital platforms to assist every industry and organization improve their efficiency, agility, and flexibility. After a competitive and open selection process, eight universities were selected to host the next batch of ICT Academies.

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Innovator Seed Fund (ISF) FAQs

In the end, we’ll improve user experience using AI offering customers an individualized and more intelligent experience. These are Mirpur University of Science and Technology, University of Central Punjab, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Agricultural University, Khawaja Fareed UET, Usman Institute of Technology, Sindh Madressatul Islam University, UET Peshawar and the University of Peshawar.

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