Roza kholne Ki Dua

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Roza Kholne Ki Dua is a method of promising yourself that you will do the activity with good intentions. Dua For Iftar keeps you reminded that you agreed to do it properly. The month of Ramadan is dedicated to fasting, and all Muslims who are healthy enough to do so are required to do so. Fasting has numerous health benefits, as it strengthens your body’s immune system, which fights diseases all year.

Roza Kholne ki dua

Dua e Iftaar parhna lazmi nhe lekin ye Sunnat e Nabwi he or dosre waja zuban se bole jane wale dua nekiyoun me izzafe ka sabab bnten hen.

Muslims “Dua e Iftaar” pray when they begin to break their fast, especially during Ramadan.

Roza kholne ki dua in Arabic

روزہ افطار کرنے کی دعا

اَللّٰهُمَّ اِنِّی لَکَ صُمْتُ وَبِکَ اٰمَنْتُ وَعَلَيْکَ تَوَکَّلْتُ وَعَلٰی رِزْقِکَ اَفْطَرْتُ

Roza kholne ki dua ye hai:

Allahumma inni laka sumtu wa bika aamantu [wa ‘alayka tawakkaltu]wa ‘ala rizq-ika aftarth

roza kholne ki dua

Roza kholne ki dua in Urdu

’’اے اللہ!میں نے تیری خاطر روزہ رکھا اور تیرے اوپر ایمان لایا اور تجھ پر بھروسہ کیا اورتیرے رزق سے اسے کھول رہا ہوں۔‘‘

Tarjuma Roza Kholne ki Dua in Urdu:

Ay Allah ! mene Tere khatir Roza rkha or Tere upper eman laya or Tjh par bharosa kia or Tere diye hoe rizq se khol rha hun.

Dua e Iftaar in English

O, Allah! I fasted for you and I believe in you and I put my trust in You and I break my fast with your sustenance.

Dua e Iftaar keeps you close to Allah SWT, and reading these few words brings you endless blessings. To learn the meaning of Dua For Iftar, read the Arabic version as well as the English and Urdu translations of Dua e Iftaar.

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Roza Kholne ki Dua Shia

The time for breaking the fast is in the evening when the first sound of the call to prayer signals the end of the fast. When we are weak due to a lack of food or water, it is a very precious time to remember and pray to Allah, but it is the most precious time to remember and pray to Allah before doing so. This iftar dua is extremely powerful and contains numerous benefits. The possibility of having our dua (supplications) accepted is one of Ramadan’s most generous blessings.

iftaar ki dua shia, fiqa jafria

Roza Kholne Ki Dua Video

Dua is the most effective way to connect with Allah. It’s for this reason that Islam instilled in us a variety of supplications for each domain. This dua should be recited every time we eat iftar because it has numerous benefits and virtues.

Dua e Iftaar in Video Audio

Roza Kholne Ki Dua pdf

The Islamic calendar’s most important month is Ramadan. Muslims are required to fast for the entire month, and the reward for a good deed is increased by 70 times. However, the Dua we recite before Iftar is far too brief and should be memorized.

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Dua e Iftaar in Arabic

Dua e Iftaar is one of the Masnoon Duain that Islam has bestowed upon us. Reciting any dua, such as Dua For Iftar, brings Allah’s blessings to us.

We know a lot of Masnoon Duain like Dua e Iftaar by heart, but we have no idea what they mean because we are non-Arab Muslims. You can read the English translation of Roza Kholne Dua For Iftar as well as the Urdu translation of Dua at AlertsPK. You can also learn how to pronounce Dua correctly in Arabic.

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