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Rehmatallil Alameen Scholarship 2022 – The Punjab government has provided Rehmatul Lil Alameen Alameen Award 2022 to Matric students. A bright future for the students in need now. Rehmatul Lil Alameen’s Scholarship 2022 has been announced by the office of The Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Khan Buzdar. Govt made this award specifically for talented and weak students in the province. Recently, they announced that they will distribute the scholarship to those who have been enrolled in inter and matric classes and, with time, we’ll shift the grant to a broader level.

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Due to COVID-19, numerous students are unable to pay. In present, Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship 2022 registration is in progress, and the application form with the final date for online applications is.Due to his poor finances, he decided to stop his studies due to financial difficulties. People can continue to apply up to the final date, and after that date, there will be no applications to be considered by the management.

So The Chief Minister for Punjab, Osman Buzdar, will assist students in all institutions and public sector colleges in Punjab in accordance with his strengths and requirements. However, CM said that we will not be releasing the 1 Billion rupees available for this scholarship. the eligibility criteria for students will be listed below. You can take a look at them attentively.

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Only applicants with a household income of 25000 are eligible for this award. The Rehmatul-lil Alameen Scholarship was announced to help those students who are in need.The demand-based scholarship will be awarded around 10 percent of the quotas will be given to children of employees of the government. The Chief Minister of Pakistan declared the students that are poor and don’t pay the fee these kinds of students are qualified.

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This is the perfect chance for students who aren’t wealthy in Pakistan to be able to take advantage of this opportunity.The scholarship is announced by the Punjab government. When you apply to the Rehmatul Alameen Scholarship There will be additional steps to follow for the scholarship application. All students from Punjab province are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Rehmatallil Alameen Scholarship Apply Online

The first step is to examine their matric certificates and receive 60 percent marks. Government of Punjab announced that students who have passed their matriculation exam with 60 percent marks and want to receive a scholarship for which this kind of students are qualified.

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The students’ grades, personal information fees, grades, etc.The authenticity of the information will be confirmed.Then, the The list of eligible students will be published after which the most qualified students will be shortlisted.Female students generally feel that the government does not take any action to protect boys’ students and the government doesn’t take seriously the present situation of education for females.

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This is, therefore, the entire procedure of Rehmatul Lilalamin’s Lil Alamin scholarship online in 2022 to admission and graduate. If any of the students with parents who are deceased and live on their own, this kind of student is qualified.

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Include details like eligibility, application process and the deadline. There are students who believe that they are not paying their hostel charges as well as other costs of their education. These kinds of students are not in the authorities of Punjab has to cover all the expenses of students.


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We hope that you will see results.Apply for the scholarship before the closing date, which is March 10 2022. This time, the government announced that a billion RS will be allocated for this award.Thus, keep an eye out for the most recent news. Students who completed intermediate in various fields, but they are seeking further education, however they cannot have the funds to pay university tuition fees. type of students are eligible.

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Punjab Government has announced a 1 billion Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship to students in the undergraduate and intermediate levels. Most students study in the private sector and are looking to receive a scholarship to pay the cost of tuition. These students aren’t qualified.

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The portal for scholarship applications for the Rehmatul lil Alameen scholarship 2021 is now open. Students that do not reside of Punjab province, but go to different institutions that type of students aren’t qualified.Last year , 10,851 students received granted scholarships.This year, 29,142 scholarships are available.

How to Apply

Click the button to continue. Apply Online
Now, you must create an account by verifying your CNIC or Form-B number. Apply Online
After receiving the form, please provide personal and educational details here. Apply Online
Then, you must fill in the family’s income and expenses. Apply Online
Upload the document to the portal. Apply Online
Complete the form and submit it by the final date (i.e. March 10, 2021). Apply Online

Rehmatul Lil Alameen Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

The majority of scholarships are for students in Intermediate however, undergraduate scholarships are available. Students who can afford their tuition but who attend government colleges or universities because of high scores, these students aren’t eligible.

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