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PTCL Complaint Registration Online – Sometimes you require or require assistance from PTCL’s products or services. Imagine your telephone line is down or you’re experiencing distortions in it or your broadband is not connected or has a low internet speed or your EVO single/Chrji device isn’t receiving proper signals or speed of 3G or 4G. You may believe that complaint registration is an extremely time-consuming procedure. We have made it easier for you to convenience by providing information on simple online procedures for the registration of complaints with PTCL.

PTCL-LogoPTCL Complaint Registration Online

In the moment of anger at that point, you’ll feel the need to contact an actual human-managed support representative to solve your issues as quickly as possible. Emailing is a reliable method to submit complaints. Contact representatives from PTCL and sign up to make a complaint to them.

PTCL complain from mobile

There are a variety of ways to make complaints with PTCL to address the problems or issues you’re experiencing in their service. Below we have given you options to file complaints to PTCL. The methods include SMS, call, email or Live Chat. You can also try filling out a form online with the information required. If you have issues registering your complaint or have any questions you can reach us.

PTCL Complaint Email

To reach the PTCL helpline using your landline or mobile phone, just dial 1218. You’ll be connected to PTCL support representatives at their call center within a couple of minutes. Sometimes, you’ll may have to wait longer because of a long queue of callers who are trying to contact the helpline rep.

PTCL Complaint Whatsapp Number

PTCL has devised an innovative and quick method to solve customer’s problems through the use of SMS. Customers can now make complaints on their own cellphones regarding any issues they face with PTCL services.

PTCL Complaint Online Chat

For clients, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched a number of online services to ensure that grievances and complaints can be quickly resolved. To provide superior service to its customers and achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for its customers, PTCL is offering multiple complaints registration options to its customers.

PTCL Complaint Status

This is the step-by-step process that will help you submit an SMS complaint to PTCL.Today, PTCL customers can now log their complaints using the PTC Online Complaint Service as well as via SMS on their mobile.The article we’ve described both methods of the PTCL Complaint Registration. Examine each one individually:


PTCL Complaint Number Islamabad

The most sought-after complaint registration method offered by PTCL since it is free of charges whatsoever, excluding the data charges associated with your mobile or internet service for those who use this online service via your laptop or computer.

Check Online

PTCL Complaint Number Lahore

Open in your web browser, and you will be directed towards PTCL Online Complaint Registration Form. In the form for open complaints, you must provide the following information, in order:


How to online register PTCL Complaint 2023

Contact PTCL for complaint Registration: In case encounter any issue, such as your phone line is not working or your internet connection is experiencing connectivity issues, or you have internet speed issues, or your EVO single/Charji device is not receiving signals or even the speed of 3G or 4G. Just dial PTCL helpline at 1218. There are a variety of ways to submit the details of your PTCL complaint, such as live chat online or via SMS.

PTCL Complaint Number Karachi

If you’re an PTCL user and would like to file a PTCL complaint, but you don’t know how to do it. Here’s a full explanation and links to make your complaint registered online. You can also view whether your case is being handled therefore, if you’re having problems and would like to file an issue, go through the information thoroughly and then follow the directions.

Register or Check the Status of Your Complaints

To call the PTCL helpline using your mobile or landline numbers, simply dial 1218 and you’ll be connected to PTCL agents in their contact center. It takes about a minute to connect to the call.

5 (Five) easy steps to lodge an SMS complaint: Check Online
Type CMP in your SMS application Check Online
Type your area code and your landline phone number Check Online
Type PTCL’s product code (LL for landline, BB for broadband) Check Online
Send SMS to 05 1218 1218 Check Online
You will receive a complaint registration number Check Online

How to Register PTCL Complaint Online, SMS, and via Mobile?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes longer than usual due to a caller’s queue trying to reach the helpline representative. Follow the provided instructions by the PTCL in recorded voice. Input your PTCL number and your area code, as indicated in the directions. The complaint will be registered or be directed to the appropriate office by the representative from the call center.

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