Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022

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Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022 – Premier Minister Shahbaz Sharif announces the new phase of the Laptop Scheme. Registration will be made later. The new phase of the Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme will be launched on 10 July. The notice contains details about the rules and criteria. This phase is open to all prospective students. Last date for submitting application forms: Under Prime Minister’s Laptop Program, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), would distribute approximately 200,000 laptops in Phase IV and V to students at public universities and other degree-granting institutions.

Prime-Minister-LogoPrime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022

Punjab Government has recently revealed plans to give laptops for free to those who have scored higher than 78 percent in the matriculation test to ensure that the goal of improving educational facilities for the children of the Punjab state.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022 Registration

Click here for the hyperlink for Premier Minister Youth Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Registration. Find Prime Minister Kamyab Jawan’s Registration for the Internship Programme 2022 here.

Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme 2022 Last Date

The youngsters of Pakistan can make an application online to get a complimentary laptop through the Free Laptop Scheme 2022. Download the application form in 2022 for the laptop youth scheme.

Pakistan will be offering a no-cost laptop program beginning in 2022. Students who are interested in applying for the scholarship scheme for laptops that will be free by 2022 must follow the steps below before submitting an application for scholarships. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif Announced Laptop Scheme (New Phase) date and application.

HEC Free Laptop Scheme 2022 for Students in Pakistan

Review the Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme Eligibility Criteria here. Prime Minister laptop program 2022 registrations for youngsters from Pakistan is available online.

PM’s National Laptop Scheme – Higher Education

To check out the list of universities that are eligible that are eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme to view the list of eligible universities, please select the”List of Eligible Universities. The Prime PM’s Laptops Scheme is for Talented Students . The main goal of the scheme being an effort to expand the research capabilities of universities.

How to Check Merit Criteria

Criteria for promotion is based on performance. Grade point average for last year (50 percent) plus marks taken from tests written (50 percent)

Free laptop scheme 2022 in pakistan

Free laptop scheme 2022 for Pakistan will begin soon. PM laptop scheme registration date 2022 has not been confirmed yet, but will be posted here in the near future. Check Alerts on laptop registration for 2021.

Prime Minister Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Registration

Candidates who are eligible can obtain all the information needed about The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme for 2022 through the Online Registration Process Phase 4, and 5. Only females and males who are regular students are eligible for the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme 2022.

PM Laptop Scheme 2022 Eligibility Criteria

It was announced that Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, has announced an initiative to give away laptops to educated and enrolled students in 2022.

The Laptop Scheme 2022 is online to applications in Pakistan

This is the last chance to join PM Laptop. PM Laptop programme for free in 2022. The previous extended deadline to sign up. This page is intended to inform you of the rules regarding registration, the process for registration, and the terms and conditions that apply to PM Laptop Scheme 2022. PM Laptop Scheme 2022, that will take effect in 2022. All Pakistani students, including matriculation, FA, FSC, ICS, ICOM, BA/BS/MA, and MSc students, are able to register for the PM laptop programme at

How to Apply PM Laptop Scheme 2022

For students from Sindh, Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan, AJK, Occupied Kashmir, and EX-FATA The PM Laptop Scheme for 2022 accessible to those students. If you visit the HEC website, there is an area specifically for the purpose.

Imran Khan Laptop Scheme 2022 Last Date

In this section there is a listing of all schools who have signed up to take part in the. Nearly 20 schools in Pakistan are included on the PM Laptop Scheme 2022 list and students can apply for laptops at their school. In the context in the Federal government’s efforts to increase the employment prospects of Pakistani young people and to increase their employability, it was announced that the PM Laptop programme was launched. The program mentioned above is merit-based.

Benefits of PM Imran Khan Laptop Scheme 2022

Students can be eligible to apply for the next stage of the PM laptop programme once the application process starts. Making an application for a job is simple since you can complete the entire process on the internet for free. The only thing to remember is that registration is restricted to students at institutions of the public sector. The Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme 2022 is available to regular students both female and male.

How do I obtain my computer from government agencies?

You may locate the button for fresh registration on the official PMNLS website ( When you first access it there will be a new tab to making a profile appears. You’ll have to complete it. Students who have completed an application can check their application status by providing the required details.

Imran Khan Laptop Scheme 2022 Online Registration

Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme 2022 Last Date to Apply. Only regular females and male students can apply for the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme 2022. The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme new phase will be starting on July 10. The rules and criteria are laid out in the announcement. You can check out the Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Registration for 2022 here.

PM Khan Laptop Scholarship 2022

Since the date you supply will be used for the next process so be sure to supply accurate, authentic and current details. The application can be rejected when the date provided is not correct or incorrect.


Students can look up the list of universities that are eligible that are eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme, please click on the List of Universities Eligible tab. Additionally, Students of Affiliated Colleges and Universities that haven’t received a NOC from HEC They are not eligible.

Punjab Government Laptop Scheme 2022 Distribution Date

The registration process for the Shehbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 is coming to an close. 100,000 laptops will go out to students of public sector institutions during this round. Lists of merit entries of selected candidates will soon be posted via the HEC website. Based on the time of day students can take their laptops at the end of the day from the sector that they will be attending on specific days. The institution’s head as well as an institution’s PM laptop scheme portal’s contact person can provide more details on PM laptops. PM laptop programme.

Pakistani Students Laptop Scheme 2022

The scheme 2022 for PM Khan’s laptops has various roles. Research and quality are encouraged in this plan. Students are able to do their homework online and finish tasks easily and quickly using computers. In addition, they are taught about the latest technology as well as the Internet. Students in small classrooms are more likely know the way computers work. They are able to take online courses and take part in other types that offer online learning. Because of this, it’s a viable and attractive alternative for students.

Student Laptop Scheme 2022

Stay tuned to our website for news on the PM’s CM Punjab laptop scheme 2022 in addition to other laptop plans coming soon and scholarships. We invite you to inquire about the PM laptop plan 2022 by filling in the comment section below.

Pmnls.Hec.Gov.Pk Phase 5

Shehbaz sharif has chosen to offer laptop computers to worthy public school pupils. The online registration process of the Shehbaz sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 is now available even when the deadline is over. The Shehbaz sharif laptop 2022 program is open to male and female. In 2022 the Government expects to have distributed 200 000 computers for deserving students.

PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 Registration Last Date

Shehbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 details, regulations as well as applications forms are all accessible on this page. Students in public schools colleges, universities, or schools can participate in the laptop program which is in operation. According to government officials, they provide laptops to matric-passing students who are in the year 2022 when they will be graduating.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Laptop Scheme 2022

To be eligible to participate in the laptop program, Pakistan Govt University must maintain an aggregate grade point score lower than 3.00. In the comments section if you’d prefer to learn more concerning this program. Laptops Scheme 2022 Apply Online and Online Registration Form Merit Lists or something else. Check back often to see the most up-to-date advancements in research.

PM Laptop Scheme – Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

To check out the list of universities eligible that are eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme To view the list of universities that are eligible, please select the The list of eligible universities tab.Prime-Minister-Laptop-Scheme

How do I apply to be a part of the Shehbaz the Laptop Scheme of Shehbaz 2022

Five years on from when they were first announced Initiatives under the Prime Minister’s Initiative remain running strong. The second stage of the laptop program was announced in 2015. Based on the guidelines to be eligible and distributed further 10,000 computers will be given to the best-performing students this time around.

Check Online

PM Laptop Scheme for Intermediate Students

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has established the PM Laptop Scheme, which is free for students. Students at undergraduate and graduate levels of all levels can be eligible to apply for PM Laptop Scheme in 2022. Both genders could be able to benefit from the laptop scheme in 2022. Laptops are free to all graduates of universities. In the past, Pakistan’s government offered students with laptop computers at no cost. There’s been an increase in laptop scholarships that are free however. To be eligible for a free laptop through PM Laptop Scheme PM Laptop Scheme, students need to earn at least a B at the end of their semester.

PM Laptop Scheme 2022 Distribution Date

Colleges, schools, and universities which are qualified to submit the registration forms can complete the registration form. It is possible to register for the PM Laptop Scheme 2022, in contrast is under the supervision of HEC Pakistan. The official site of HEC,, interested applicants can download an application for PM laptop program 2022. Complete the application and supply all required documents. You will have a specific period of time to mail your application at the address listed.

PM Announced Following 06 Schemes for Students

  1. Paid internship for unemployed youngsters
  2. Business loans,
  3. Youth skill development scheme
  4. Scholarships
  5. Laptop distribution

CM Punjab Tablet Scheme For Teachers, 5th & 8th Class Students

The new administration of Pakistan has made public the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s Free Laptops Scheme 2022, which is a great announcement for the students. Online application forms, eligibility requirements and the process for applying are all in the PM Laptop Scheme 2022 Apply online.

PM Laptop Scheme 2022 For Matric, FA, BA, Pass Students

The prior PMLN administration launched numerous laptop-related initiatives. PM Laptop programmes have been introduced by a new administration, however. Click here to complete an online form if you are interested in joining the Shehbaz Sharif PM Laptop Scheme.

Prime Minister Free Laptop Scheme 2022

Similar to the laptop program that was available to Punjabi students however, the Pakistani government has decided that the PM laptop program will be accessible everyone Pakistani students up to 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Laptop Scheme 2022

Must be in Government University Check Online
HEC recognized university Check Online
60% numbers in the last annual yearly exams Check Online
70% score in the last exam in case of semester system of examination Check Online
Keep visiting this website Check Online

Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme 2022 Last Date to Apply

The phase 5 portion of the program was launched on January 18 and saw laptops handed to participants. After the announcement students were thrilled. The deadline is at the end on the 31st of December to fill out the online form. It is anticipated that Shehbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme 2022 would be announced in on January 4th.

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