PM Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2022

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PM Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2022 – Sohni Dharti Remittance Program is a loyalty program that rewards remitters who send money abroad to their loved ones. Remitters can redeem reward points for free services at multiple Public Service Entities.Sohni Dharti Remittance Program allows remitters accumulate points by sending remittances via the SBP regulated channels. Customers will be able to redeem points for participation in the Public Sector Entities and receive their services at no cost after sending these remittances.

PM-Sohni-Dharti-LogoPM Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2022

Download a mobile app for Android and iOS users. This allows customers to register on the application and redeem points via the PSEs. Remitters have the option to add one beneficiary and transfer their reward point to that person. 1LINK manages a centralized back-end system.

PM Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2022

Overseas Pakistanis can participate in a loyalty program that allows them to receive reward points for non-repatriable remittance usage. These points can be redeemed at participating Public Sector Entities, (PSEs), for free.Roshan Digital Account customers may download Android and iOS apps to register, accumulate, redeem points. Based on the following criteria, customers will receive reward points.

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program

The SBP will launch Sohni Dharti Remittance Programme in line with Prime Minister’s vision to make it easier for Pakistanis who live abroad.Sohni Dharti Remittance Programme aims to encourage Pakistanis not to reside to send money to their loved ones through legal banking channels.

Sohni Dharti Remmittance Program

Remittances made through legal channels will earn Pakistanis living overseas reward points. These points will automatically be collected as virtual cards in three levels on the mobile app: Green Gold and Platinum.

Click here to learn how to download the Sohni Dharti remittance app.

They will be eligible for free government services by earning reward points. These rewards include international air tickets, extra language, FBR duties payments, offers on utility store purchases, passports, and concessions on NICOP renewal fees.

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program (SDRP)

1LINK developed and launched a mobile application for Android and iOS. This app allows users to register to be a Remitter (the person who sends money) and earn points when they send money to Pakistan. To enroll beneficiaries (money recipients), remitters can use Mobile app to transfer loyalty points to them.


Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2022

Premier Minister Imran Khan has launched a new Sohni Dharti Remittance Program for Overseas. To facilitate non-stop khushiyaan, the Overseas Pakistanis now use the SBP Sohni Dharti Remittance Program 2222. Every Pakistani resident abroad can earn reward points for remittances sent to Pakistan through exchange companies and banks via the Sohni Dharti Program, which is an initiative of Government of Pakistan.

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SBP Sohni Dharti Remittance programme 2022 launched by PM

These points can be used to buy anything at Naya Pakistan. For example, a Toyota Land Cruiser. Locate the appropriate banks to see the PM Imran incentive program for remittances.Sohni Dharti Remittance Program, a loyalty program that rewards #OverseasPakistanis who send money to Pakistan through legal channels, can earn reward points which can be used to purchase products and services from the public sector.

PM to Launch Sohni Dharti Remittance Programme 2022 for

What is Sohni Dharti portal? The Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken a positive step towards the development of Pakistan’s overseas. The Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Pakistan has been launched by PM. This program is unique and will give the Pakistani citizens who have moved abroad the opportunity to earn loyalty points for sending money. This online application “Sohni Daharti App” is also available for download on the Play Store. You can win rewards loyalty points.

SOHNI Dharti Remittance Program App

The Government of Pakistan, the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Pakistan offer loyalty points for sending and receiving money to other countries. These points can be used to receive special benefits, which are described below. This is how Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Pakistan for Overseas can be applied.

Sohni Dharti Remittance Program Registration

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan launched Thursday’s ‘Sohni Dharti Remittance Program’ (SDRP). He stressed that his government will do more to encourage overseas Pakistanis to continue supporting their country in times of need.He said, “We are giving many incentives overseas Pakistanis but we should have begun this programme much sooner,” while addressing the Islamabad launch ceremony for the SDRP.

Sohni Dharti Points To Pkr

According to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the SDRP was created to encourage Pakistani workers to send money to Pakistan via banks and exchange companies.”These reward points can then be used for different benefits offered to partner organizations. The SBP said that SDRP can also be accessed via a mobile app.

Sohni Dharti Utility Store

Khan thanked Pakistanis abroad for their confidence in Pakistan’s future by sending record-breaking remittances in FY21, which reached $29 billion. This trend will continue in FY22.

Pakistanis in the Overseas demand i-voting

He said that the government had always supported and appreciated efforts by overseas Pakistanis through various programs and initiatives.He mentioned incentives such as free remittance transfer, free airtime for mobile wallet remittances and covering marketing costs of remittance service provider.

Joint session passes bill regarding EVMs

In his welcome speech, Dr Reza Baqir, Governor of SBP, stated that earlier initiatives such as the Roshan Digital Account or Naya Pakistan Certificates were also huge successes.He revealed details and said that any home remittances sent via legal channels from anywhere in the world are eligible to be included in the SDRP.

Reward points can be redeemed on following PSEs:

Public Sector Entity Services to be offered for Redemption through NRLP
PIA Intl’ Air Tickets, Payment for extra luggage on PIA int’l flights
FBR Mobile Phone duty payment- personal baggage Payment of Duty on Imported Vehicle
Passport Office Renewal of Passports
State Life/ MoOP&HRD Renewal of Passports Life Insurance/Takaful premium payment
OPF OPF Schools’ fee
Utility Stores Corp Utility Stores purchases
BE&OE Payable Fee

Pakistan’s rupee experiences a minor gain in comparison to the US dollar

The SDRP allows individuals to send remittances up to USD10,000 or more in a single fiscal year. They will then be eligible for a 1% reward and a green card category.The remitter will be rewarded with 1.25% for all remittances between $10,000 and $30,000, or equivalent. They will also be classified in the gold card category. For remittances exceeding $30,000 or equivalent they will receive 1.5% as a reward. They will also be assigned a platinum card category.

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