PEC trainee program 2023 scholarship

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PEC trainee program 2023 scholarship – It is now the time to apply for Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2023. Graduate registrations are currently being accepted. The training program that is paid for by the government has drawn attention. Fresh graduates from all areas of Pakistan are invited to apply. Engineers of all disciplines looking to make a difference in their career are invited to apply.It is the PEC Trainee Program provides people with hands-on experience, working knowledge, development of skills and professionalism to utilize the most current methods and techniques.

PEC-trainee-program-LogoPEC trainee program 2023 scholarship

Additionally, a variety of courses for internship and training are available to students studying in Pakistan between 2023 and 2023. The selected trainers will also receive the sum of Rs. 30, 000 as an stipend. The 6-month program of training is available to men as well as women.

Pakistan engineering council trainee program 2023 scholarship

Payed NHA Internship In Pakistan is currently accepting applications. NHA Internship 2023 was announced for the hiring of 1,000+ jobs through the National Highway Authority. It is the National Highway Authority is accepting applications from students as professionals who are searching for a good job. have completed their studies and are looking to enter their respective field. In Pakistan it is an unpaid internship.

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The only requirement is to have the highest CGPA. It is not necessary to have previous work knowledge. The Pakistani government will provide the three-month NHA internshipand will reimburse the applicant for it. The monthly salary is 22,000 dollars. Candidates must have completed their degrees or diplomas in order to be considered. New graduates have the chance to start their career with an organization that is a part of the government. All applicants from Pakistan are invited to apply.

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Being in a professional environment is much more beneficial than working in the subject you studied , while also studying it through an internship program that rewards the time you spend. Do you have any additional information that you’d like to know? This is very beneficial for students and those with an existing degree. This is a benefit that NHA offers to all of Pakistan. This NHA Internship Provides Exciting Opportunities for Young, Skilled, and Energetic Pakistanis to Sharpen Their Skills.

Paid NHA Internship In Pakistan 2023

Candidates are offered the chance working for an institution which provides food and beverage by-products throughout the country in this course. This internship is offered by the Pakistani Ministry of Communications has created The National Highway Authority (NHA) as a statutory organization. There are fourteen national highways, four highways and two strategic roads within the country.

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Are you searching for an apprenticeship program in Pakistan? The students from Pakistan are encouraged that they apply to the the PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2022 in Pakistan. We now have the trainee program for Pakistan Engineering Council in Pakistan. In the Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Engineers Program 2023 has been announced as the trainee programme for fresh graduate students from Pakistan to get a great chance at the governing levels in Pakistan. Also , apply to Allied Bank Internship 2023 | ABL Internship Program 2023.

PEC Trainee Program 2023 | Pakistan Engineering Council

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has undertaken a variety of initiatives to improve the high quality of engineering education, and has achieved international standards. Around 2000 engineers who have completed their engineering degrees will work in different areas.

PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2023

The PEC Trainee Program is designed to provide participants with exposure to hands-on expertise, skill development and professionalism in handling the modern techniques and technology. Additionally, many courses for training and internships are provided to students in 2023-2023 Pakistan. The selected trainers will receive a salary of approximately Rs. 30,000 / -. Both males and females can apply to this six-month trainee program. Read the following description for more details about the program. Students are also able to learn more about Merit-based Scholarships Canada for international Students.


Pakistan Engineering Council PEC Internship Program 2023

There is a bright side for engineering students. According to the information that are available, it is the Pakistan Engineering Council PEC invites applicants for training in the 2023 session. Candidates who are recent graduates are eligible to participate in the training. The internship is only open for students studying engineering.

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Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program for Fresh

The PEC will train the next 2,000 engineers. The primary goal of the program is to give fresh graduates hands-on experience, practical understanding, improvement of skills, and professional proficiency to use the most current methods and techniques. Successful applicants will receive the monthly 30,000/- salary. The duration of this job is 6 months.

PEC Internship Program 2023 | Full Free Scholarships

Applications are now open for the Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2023 | PEC Internship 2023. It is the Pakistan Engineering Council has recently revealed their PEC Trainee Engineers Program to residents of Pakistan. This program is open to fresh graduates. All engineers who have an interest in engineering are encouraged to submit an application for Trainee Engineers Program 2023. Also Check: ABL Allied Bank Internship Program 2023 in All Branches of Pakistan

PEC Jobs – Pakistan Engineering Council

The Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) has been involved in a number of initiatives since its creation and has earned international recognition and milestones in the field of quality standard in education in engineering and accreditation, as well as professional practice by participating in the most prestigious international and regional professional conferences.

Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2023

Are You Aware? PEC has accepted its “Trainee Engineers” program for fresh graduates as part of its 43rd the governing body. The scheme will see the 2,000 engineers graduating with Engineering degrees in the period between 2021 and 2020 will be employed in a variety of areas. The principal goal of the program is to provide fresh graduates with hands-on experience, knowledge of work, development of their skills, and the ability in handling the latest methods and technology.

Pakistan Engineering Council  Program 2023

Graduates who are not a part of any other education or internship program offered by any government scheme or program or have not worked in any private or public institution, or aren’t full-time students at any private or public institution in any field. completed a recognized engineering program. In the past two years (January 2020 through December 2021) individuals who are registered with PEC as an Engineer and who have at least 50 percent points and/or 2.5 CGPA in final degree are encouraged to submit applications.

PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2023 Description:

  1. Institute: Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  2. Total No. Positions: 2,000
  3. Gender: Male/Female
  4. Education: Fresh Graduate
  5. Stipend: PKR 30,000/Monthly
  6. Country: Pakistan

The Pakistan Engineering Council has taken initiatives to improve the high quality of engineering education professional practice, recognition by professionals from around the world and the most prestigious regional forums. In addition, the Pakistan Engineering Council has announced the Trainee Engineers Program, which is designed to attract new engineers across a variety of areas. The goal of the program is to offer opportunities to learn, develop skills and professional development using the latest technology.

PEC Internship Details 2023:-

Take a look at the internship details announced by the PEC. The details are as under.

Announced date 14-06-2022
Organization Pakistan Engineering Council
Total number of vacancies 2000/-
Application Deadline 30,000/-

PEC Trainee Engineers Program 2023 – Pakistan Engineering Council Careers

Students who haven’t yet utilized any opportunity in the public sector or who have not been a part of one of the training programs may apply in an application for the PEC Trainee Program. Female and male candidates are both encouraged to submit an application for Pakistan Engineering Council Trainee Program 2023. For more information about the program, read the information below and then submit your application.

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