Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022

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Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022 – Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022 Download by CNIC No. and name from the following page. You can find all details on the Pifra Salary Slip Register Web Page here. The Pakistan Railway sends out salary slips online. How can you get the Pifra Salary Slip to your email? Log in with your credentials to view your Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022. It is important to note that the increment range for these officers, which are Pointsman and Pointsman respectively, is Rs 500Complete the online application to receive a PIFRA pay slip.

Pakistan-Railway-LogoPakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022

The Director General MIS/FABS is the office of the Controller General of Accounts. It is responsible for the smooth operation of the SAP-based Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS). This is an Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) that is run at all levels of government, including at the federal, provincial, and district levels.

Pak Rail Pay Slip 2022 Download By CNIC and Name

Click the link to view your Pakistan Railway employee pay stub/salary data. First, download the PIFRA registration forms. The pay/salary sheet includes all allowances, dedications, and perks. Once you have downloaded the form, you can apply for the monthly salary slip. This step can be completed once you are satisfied. Each job title may have a wage slip.

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Your email address, which you have provided in the form, will be sent the monthly salary slip. How do I get the railway pay slip? Retired employees of any government department can also receive a salary slip via email. Click the link below to download Pak Rail Pay Slip 20202. Here you will find all the information and details about Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2022 benefits. Here is the Pakistan railway pay slip.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip

Many of the grade-separated posts are located in this Pakistan Railway department. Many workers prefer electronic pay stubs. We will provide you with the complete list and names of all departments that work in this Pakistan Railway department line. Many Pakistani government agencies can now access their wage records online. This is a post for gatemen in the Pak Railway. It has the BPS-02 pay scale.

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To facilitate this, a PIFRA has been created for online worker registration. This information reveals that the minimum salary range for this post is Rs 9310 and that these officers receive the maximum basic salary of Rs 19210. The Pakistan Railway department sends out salary slips online. The increment amount for these gateman officers is Rs 330

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You can download the online National Transmission & Despatch Company Roll No Slip here. Employees may also view their pay stubs online on Pak is the most recent increment number that is given to gateman officers. The Pakistani federal government employs Pakistan’s railway department. We also have the post of Pointsman BPS05 scale, which works in this section of Pakistan Railway.

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Pakistan Railways employs thousands of people in various positions. This post has a range from Rs 10260 to Rs 25260 in terms of salary. A pioneering initiative by the relevant department has made it possible to access pay stubs online for free. Payroll slips for Pak are available free of cost. online registration

This sector will pay BPS-08 to any Cabinmen who work in it. You will first need to download the PIFRA payslip Registration Form. Please note that the minimum wage for Cabinmen in this current and last year is Rs 11380. Register to receive your monthly pay stub via email or Gmail. Their maximum basic salary range is Rs 31480.


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This slip can be printed by downloading it as a PDF. Their increment amount is Rs 670. You can see more information about Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2022. This is also when the PIFRA pay slips are sent to retired workers at the end of each month. This page also includes details about the Pakistan Railway scale. This is a creative move by Pakistan’s Accounts Office in order to improve the lives and well-being of government employees.

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This department of Pak Railway offers many benefits to its employees, including ad-hoc incentives, house rent perks, medical incentives, and paid leave incentives regarding the Pakistan Railway Pay Scale 2022. Online salary slip registration is available for those who work for Pakistan Railways first. We will keep you updated on Pakistan Railway Benefits 2022 in the future.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2022

The Pakistan Railways employees will receive their online pay stubs via email or Gmail. We have staff who work as assistant sub-inspectors in this department. They are also on scale BPS 09. Users may use their Android phones to click on the Pay Stubs button. The minimum range and basic salary for Assistant Sub Inspectors are Rs 11770.

Name of Post

Pay Scale


Sub Engineers  BPS-11  Rs 12570 to Rs 38970
Assistant Driver  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
ASI Officer  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
Railway Guards  BPS-09  Rs 11770 to Rs 33670
Cabin Man  BPS-08  Rs 11380 to 31480
Pointsman  BPS-05  Rs 10260 to Rs 25260
Gateman  BPS-02  Rs 9310 to Rs 19210

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Pakistan Railways is Pakistan’s lifeblood. They transport both large quantities of freight and people. Their basic salary is Rs 33670. It contributes to the country’s economic growth and promotes national integration. They get a Rs 730 increment as an ASI officer from the Pak Railway department. These guards generally receive a minimum salary in the region of 11770 rupees, and a maximum income in the region of 33670 rupees.

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Number:Pakistan Railways: 042-99070011

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