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OET Registration – OET stands for occupational English test. OET test is an English language exam that is related to healthcare. OET is designed for medical professionals who wish to register and practice in any English-speaking country. This test assesses all language skills, including listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Healthcare communication skills are the main focus. Both medical students and professionals looking for work abroad are encouraged to take the OET test. This exam can be taken in over 40 countries. After consulting 12 healthcare professionals, this OET test has been recommended.

OET-LogoOET Registration 2023

Congratulations for taking the first step towards obtaining your OET certificate. This article will show you how to create an OET login. You can create an OET login account online by using myOET. It’s safe and you can use it to apply for your OET testing, postpone your test, view your results, and even print your Statement Of Results.

My OET Registration Page

The listening portion will last 45 minutes. Reading portion will take approximately 1 hour. Writing part will take approximately 45 minutes. The speaking section will last 20 minutes. The numerical score you will receive is between 0-500. You will need to score more than 450 points for grade.

OET Registration 2023: Check Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility

This page contains the Occupational English Test rules and regulations. PTE may be used in place of IELTS/Toefl. For more information, please see our next post.Medical councils, universities, and hospitals in Australia, Dubai, Ireland and New Zealand recognize occupational English tests. Each month, the test is taken one to two times. The Occupational English test center is now available in Pakistan. It is located in Islamabad. The results are announced within a few months.

OET Exam 2023: Full Form, Dates, Fees, Registration

Registration Procedure To take the Occupational English Test (OET),
You will need a credit card, payment details, a digital passport photograph and an identification document to register. You may register yourself for OET test by visiting Online registration requires a valid email ID. The current fee is $587AUD. The registration is open for the three upcoming dates one at a time.

Occupational English Test OET 2023 in Pakistan, Registration

If your name, DOB, and ID number do not match the provided ID document, you will be denied permission to take the Occupational English exam. Original, valid identification documents must include a photo. A recent colored photo should be in passport size format (.jpg or.png). Maximum size should not exceed 2 MB. The photograph should not have shadows, red eyes or any other special expressions.


Registering for the OET & What to Bring

OET (Occupational English Test). OET Registration in Nigeria. OET is the English language test for healthcare professionals. It measures the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who want to practice and register in English-speaking environments. OET was specifically designed for 12 healthcare professions. You are eligible to take it if you work in the following healthcare professions: Dentistry and Dietetics; Medicine and Nursing; Occupational Therapy and Pharmacy; Physiotherapy and Podiatry; Radiography and Speech Pathology.

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Step By Step Guide on Creating an OET Login Account

OET is accepted by healthcare professionals looking to work or study in the UK, Ireland and Australia.OET is offered 14 times a year. Similar to Nigeria, OET (OccupationalEnglish Test) Registration is held 14 times a year in Nigeria. It is located in Lagos, Nigeria.For Australian immigration, the occupational English test is acceptable. The result will be sent to the email address you have provided with a separate score for each language skill. This exam was created by Prof Tim McNamara in the 1980s.

OET Test in Pakistan Occupational English Test

This means that, for instance, you are a citizen in Nepal and plan to take the test there. There are two test centers in Nepal, one in Kathmandu and one in Bharatpur. You have two options for identification documents when you sit for OET in your home country. Either your international passport or a local document (such as an ID card) can be used. To avoid any confusion on test day, however, it is always best to use a passport.

OET (Occupational English Test)-OET Registration in Nigeria

Uploading a photo is required to create a login account. Before you create a login account, it is a good idea. Uploading a valid photo is subject to certain requirements.You will be unable to create your online OET account if your photo doesn’t meet these requirements. By simply selecting the correct background and fulfilling the rest of the requirements, you can easily take the photo using your mobile phone.

OET Registration Requirements

You are now ready to create your login profile. Go to the OET official website. To log in, click the login button at the top right corner of the page. This will open a new window. Click ‘Apply/Resit’ in this window.

Doctors Check Online
Dentists Check Online
Doctor of physical therapy Check Online
Doctor of pharmacy Check Online
Nurses Check Online
Occupational therapists Check Online
Radiographers Check Online
Speech pathologists Check Online
Veterinary doctors Check Online
Dieticians Check Online
Optometrists Check Online
Podiatrists Check Online

OET Registration Photo Size

The page will ask you for your login details. You have not yet created a login account so please click “Register”. You will be asked for your personal information. Complete all fields. The areas marked * must be completed.

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