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NTN Registration 2022 – Those who earn an income in Pakistan are required to pay tax. To be able to pay this tax it is necessary to have to be registered as a legitimate taxpayer. To do this, you require a National Tax Number (NTN). Fusion Avenue Private Limited brings the most secure NTN registration services for businesses or sole proprietorship firms or businesses that are located in Pakistan. The Federal Board of Revenue has made it mandatory for all salaried employees or business owners to pay their taxes at the end of each year.

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This means that you need to sign up for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) system. The business owners who are in Pakistan are also required to have an NTN. Be aware that if your income falls inside the lawful and taxable range of income taxable then you must obtain NTN at FBR. In other words, if your earnings are more than 6 lacs per year, you have to pay tax on income.


But, don’t be concerned because we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain NTN at FBR. The sole identification that a sole proprietor has within the country is their tax identification number, as they do not have a registration with any other registration or regulatory authority.

How Can I Register My Company In NTN?

Before you begin it is essential to have all relevant documents at hand to move through the process online. You can apply for NTN through FBR through an offline procedure and go to the office or hire experts to complete it for you. In addition, they can use their NTN is used to open accounts with banks too. Find the top NTN services for your business that will allow you to create, verify, or even cancel your company’s NTN numbers in Pakistan.

What Is NTN For Business/ Company?

Alertspk.com can assist you in getting the NTN Number at a less expensive cost [see below for the final page at the bottom of the page]. In any case, you need to make sure you have all the necessary documents. A businessperson is able to file tender notices and bids for government departments as well as multinational companies only if they possess an official NTN number. Your business can benefit from all-inclusive and complete NTN Registration, NTN validation, NTN modification and NTN canceling services. Our services are offered across Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and other areas of Pakistan.


Documents Required For Company NTN Registration:

If you must pay one of the following taxes such as property tax, income tax, or taxes on sales in Pakistan then you will require a National Tax Number (NTN) approved through the FBR. This makes you a taxpayer in Pakistan. Being a tax-filer offers legal advantages, for instance, you are required to pay less token for your vehicle tax, and pay a lower tax on bank operations, transactions with property, etc., and many more, in contrast to a non-taxpayer.

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New Registration of Foreign Company NTN/Sales Tax

You can easily sign up your business to NTN through FBR by completing the online e-registration process to register for NTN through the FBR website. If you’re not able to complete your NTN registration yourself, call FAPL to receive NTN registration certificates for your business and company in Pakistan.

NTN Registration Individuals

We will make the process smooth and without any pitfalls. We also offer services for changing your company’s name on an NTN certificate. In addition but we also offer NTN cancellation services in the event that you’re selling or shutting down your business.

Documents required for Business’ NTN Registration

Copy of valid CNIC. Check Online
Copy of recently paid electricity bill of business location. Check Online
Blank Business Letter Head. Check Online
Property papers or Rental Agreement(Rental Agreement printed on Rs. 200/- stamp paper). Check Online
Contact Numbers (Mobile & Landline), and valid Email addresses. Check Online
Nature of Business. Check Online

Apply for NTN Pak Customs Business Web Portal

Because, National Tax Number (NTN) is required to file taxes in Pakistan If you own a business and you want to file taxes, you’ll need to sign up for it by yourself If you’re an employee with a salary, your employer will provide National Tax Number (NTN) it for you by contacting the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). But, you need to submit tax returns to FBR every year regardless of the amount you earn or profit. If you require any additional assistance to register for NTN using your company’s name, please reach out to the FAPL team during office hours.

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