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Nikah Nama registration checks online 2023 – Our Relationship Ambassador will assist you with the registration formalities at the location where the marriage is likely to take place. Our Relationship Ambassador will assist you with all information and forms required. After the marriage has been registered by the relevant Nikkah Khawan, we will send you the certificate.

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If the marriage was already registered but not yet recorded, the certificate of marriage will be obtained once all paperwork has been completed and in compliance with requirements. We will make every effort to obtain your Marriage Certificate as quickly and efficiently as possible in such cases.

NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Pakistan

LAHORE – The National Database Registration Authority has launched an online family verification drive, the ‘Qaumi Tasdeeq-o-Tajdeed campaign’.This new system will allow people to identify any non-relevant person in their families. The initiative will prove more beneficial to married women who want their husbands to be monitored.

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They can send a simple message directly to NADRA and get information if their husband is hiding a second marriage.Women can find out by texting their husbands’ CNIC number and date of issuance to 8009.Here’s the text format:You will then be provided with the details of your family members. NADRA will be notified if you find any inaccuracies or unrelated names on the list.

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Nikkah Nama?

It is vital and solid to have a (MRC) Marriage Registration Certificate from Nadra in Pakistan. It is a legal proof of marital (Nikah), between two people (husband or wife) in Pakistan. Two marital relationship certificates are available in Pakistan: Urdu Nikkah Nama or English Marriage Certificate. NADRA’s last Marriage Certificate is an electronic record that can be used in all legal discussion forums.

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What documents are required for the issuance of the Police Character / Clearance Certificate Pakistan?

  1. Copy of CNIC (Pakistani ID Card) from the applicant
  2. Copy of CNIC from father & mother
  3. Copy of passport from the applicant
  4. CNIC copies from any two neighbors (witnesses)
  5. An application form (filled and signed by the applicant)
  6. Latest passport size photographs of the applicant
  7. Copy of any utility bill

What is Nadra’s marriage certificate registration?

These NADRA Marriage Registration Certificates, like the NADRA Birth Certificate are completely electronic and authentic records that include both English and Urdu contents. These official NADRA marriage registration certificates are currently being used for various legal matters in Pakistan and in other countries around the world.

Original Nikkah Nama Check Online
Copy of Nikkah Nama(Attested) Check Online
Copy of CNIC(Groom and Bride) Check Online
Copy of CNIC of Groom and Bride father Check Online
Copy of passport in case of the nationality of the other country Check Online
Copy of “B” Form in case of age is less than 18 Check Online
Copy of CNIC of the applicant Check Online

How can i check my nadra marriage certificate online

For various reasons, a marital relationship certificate (Nikkah Nama), might be required. This certification can be used to prove the adjustment of a spouse’s name, for issues of authenticity of a child, or to document a person’s genealogical background.

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