Naya Pakistan housing scheme 2023

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Naya Pakistan housing schemes 2023 – Karachi: State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has updated its markup rates and subsidy payments time frame for financing the construction in the Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NAPHDA), ARY News published this morning. Central bank officials have introduced amendments to the financing plan for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, by reducing mark-up rates and altering the subsidy payment duration under Tier 1.

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A circular was released from SBP. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) after it made changes to the Housing Finance Plan following getting feedback from different stakeholders. The modified plan was the markup was cut from 3 percent to two percent for customers in Tier 1 customers from year 1 through year 5. and the markup rate was fixed at 4 percent after a decrease from 5 percent for year 6 through year 10.

Naya Pakistan housing scheme 2023 online registration

A markup fee was set at 5 percent for customers in Tier 1 customers for the year 11 through year 15, based on loans repaid for housing units as part of NAPHDA projects. NAPHDA projects.

It was announced that for loans with tenors greater than 15 years the market rate that is the price of banks will apply to the duration of 15 years or more.

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The central bank has stated it in its announcement that new pricing will come into effect immediately, while other aspects of the program will remain unchanged. In our previous blog called ” Get to know all about Naya Pakistan Housing Program,” we gave important information on the housing scheme of the government and the procedure to apply to it. There’s a significant update to be aware of. In light of the scheme’s increasing popularity and increasing demand, the government has created a portal where you can navigate the online registration process for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.


The second stage online registration process to Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme was inaugurated across Pakistan on the 15th of July 2019. Families who qualify can sign up for it over the next three months, until October 15. This is an ideal chance for those who have lived in rental property due to financial constraints. You can now buy an apartment in any city in Pakistan.


Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is an official government project in which 5 million homes to Pakistanis will be built. It is extremely popular among people with the middle-income backgrounds. If your family’s gross monthly income falls in the following range it is easy to apply for the scheme. To determine if you meet those Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme eligibility requirements, take a look at the income brackets below:

Naya Pakistan housing and construction finance facility for

The administration of Pakistan plans to build double-unit homes in this housing program. The government will be the primary supporter of the scheme and private companies will build the homes.

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A Chinese firm plans to build two million homes under the program. The government in Pakistan have made it mandatory for all construction firms from around the world to use building materials which is made locally. The construction industry is not allowed to employ workers from other countries.

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Naya Pakistan housing scheme draw list

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme online application process is simple however, we must first examine those who are eligible to apply.

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The eligibility criteria are quite simple. Anyone who doesn’t own a home that is their own may apply, and this is done by pressing an icon. Be aware that only one person per family i.e. either children or spouse can apply for registration. It is essential that you do not own an apartment or a home. If you participated in the initial phase of registration, you do not need to sign up again for Phase II.

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There are already people registering via E-Sahulat Center, but those who are strapped for time and do not wish to stand in a lengthy queue can simply apply for a home for themselves under this popular low-housing plan.

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There are many foreign Pakistanis searching for investment opportunities. The online registration system will assist them in registering easily. In addition, the Government of Pakistan is also offering services to foreign Pakistanis to invest in the country.


Less than PKR 20 000
Between PKR 20 001 and PKR 40 000
Between PKR 40 001 and 60 000
Between PKR 60 001 and PKR 100 000
More than PKR 100 000

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The procedure of online registration for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme is simple and straightforward. Once you arrive on the Naya Pakistan Housing Program Online portal you will be asked to click either on Register Online tab. Or Register at E-Sahulat. Click on the Register Online tab as shown in the image below.

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