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Nadra B Form Download Online – We will share NADRA B Application Form Online and the required documents Details on the procedure, take a look at this document. It is easy to download the birth certificate for your child and this form can provide assistance in the future, such as admission to 9th and 10th classes or NIC registration deadline. As per Pakistan NADRA National Database and Registration Authority which is operating under the direction under the supervision of Ministry of Interior all those persons born in Pakistan are required to be registered with NADRA database.

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NADRA database. NADRA has different responsibilities, for instance, they the issue of a National identity card , and providing security for Pakistani individuals through the database that is secure and NADRA is able to fulfill these duties in an efficient methods.

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Her , we would like to inform you that NADRA provides a the child registration form for children under 18 years old. As per our research on this registration, a 13 digit number is given to every child on their B form which is also known as CRC, (or birth certificate).

Nadra B Form Online

The 13 digit number is be used when your child is applying for NIC card under NADARA after the age of 18 and we suggest that everyone present should have your child NADRA registration by filling out the NADRA B. The form is now available below we have more details regarding NADRA B form download online, Documents Required Procedure.

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The child Registration Certificate (CRC), that is also known as B-form, has been among the crucial forms given by NADRA. It is used to facilitate the registration of children and teens under the age of 18 who aren’t legally eligible to apply for CNIC/Smart Card in Pakistan.

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If you’re trying to get an B-form to be an adult or parent of an infant, but do not know how to proceed with the procedure If so, you’ve found the right blog. In this blog, we’re going to walk you through step-by step instructions for submitting an application for an Children Registration Certificate for its issuance by the National Database Regulatory Authority (NADRA).Before we get started we should know the reasons why it’s important that parents/guardians apply for the CRC.


Children younger than 18 could require a B-form to be able to sit for Matric/Inter Board exams, apply for a passport and complete other legal requirements. This is the reason it is obligatory for parents/guardians to carry their CRC along with them.NADRA has a easy application process for B-forms that comes with a reasonable cost. Let’s start by following our step-by-step instructions on this topic!Nadra-B-Form-Download-Online

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The B form is the document that is used to register for Pakistanis who are not yet 18 years old. This document is also known as Child Registration Certificate (CRC) to which parents are able to apply at every NADRA Center. Anyone Pakistani citizen can obtain the certificate for a reasonable cost and with a straightforward application process.

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At present, PAK-Identity does not allow an online application for CRC and applicants have to go to NADRA offices. Pak-Identity is the platform online which allows you to submit applications for various documents from NADRA including family registration certificates (FRC). Registration Certificate (FRC)

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CRC is an abbreviation for the Child Registration Certificate. CRC are issued by NADRA in Pakistan. CRC is also known as the FORM-B. CRC is a crucial document. NADRA gives CRCs out to Pakistani citizens and keeps its records on the tree of family members. Every person needs the CRC.

CRC or NADRA B Form is a Civil Registration Certificate for Children Under 18

A child registration certificate (CRC) is an official document used to signify children who are not yet 18 years old. Wherever they are from the child has the basic right to get the registration certificate. To facilitate the process of getting Child Registration Certificates, NADRA has made it easier to complete the procedure. It is referred to as the NADRA’s B Form or Form-B.

NADRA Inputs a newly born baby’s information on the CRC/B form, after receiving a birth certificate.

CRC is obtained by submitting evidence of birth to the Union Council. Parents must have an National Identity Card (NIC)/National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP). To apply for CRC you have to go to one of the NADRA Registration Center (NRC).Birth certificates are legal document. It is an authentic and valid document that a person was born in Pakistan. It also reveals the parentage of the minor, the dates of birth as well as the place of birth.

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Nadra Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are proof that the child was born to an Pakistani national. In Pakistan the term “birth certificate” can refer to either the original document or an official replica of the original document of birth. Based on the circumstances there are two kinds of birth certificates. First is a NADRA developed birth certificate that is computerized, in contrast, the second type is the Certificate of No Records of Birth.

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