Muqeem Arrival Registration 2023

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Muqeem Arrival Registration 2023 – Muqeem vaccination is now required for all travellers travelling to Saudi Arabia in accordance with an announcement issued by the Jawazat’s General Directorate ( the Saudi Department of Immigration). Every traveller, including foreign citizens of KSA and visitors as well as all new and existing visa holders, are required to record the status of their vaccine. Since the Saudi government have lifted restrictions on travel on certain types of passengers from countries banned, muqeem registration has become one of the essential requirements that must be met.

muqeem-LogoMuqeem Arrival Registration  2022

This website is specially designed to KSA visa holders currently in KSA or are in their home country or in third country. They must register on muqeem in order to update the status of their vaccine.

How do I register my vaccination status for Muqeem?

If you’re currently not in Saudi Arabia, you can apply for a vaccination certificate regardless of the type of visa you are holding. It is however mandatory that you register at least 72 hours prior to your departure date to KSA. The step-by-step registration procedure is listed below.

A new web page will be displayed You will need to enter your Iqama number and date of birth. select “I am not robot” and then click “Verify”.

Who is able to sign up on Muqeem?

Now, the system will automatically fetch your record from the immigration/government system and show you on next page. It is necessary to input the information regarding your travels, such as the flight number, time of arrival in ksa and the destination for your arrival (airport) within Saudi Arabia, name of airline. You must provide information about your quarantine plans which could be a the shelter or hotel because those who are not vaccinated have to be quarantined upon arrival at the ksa.

Finally, click on the buttons, such as ” I am not a robot” and then fill in the checkbox for declaration, and then click “submit”.

This is the procedure for residents who haven’t had a vaccine shot.

The procedure for the other three kinds of passengers is similar. The only difference between registered and vaccinated is that there isn’t a requirement for quarantine for vaccine-vaccinated passengers. Thus, those who have been vaccinated don’t have to provide information about quarantine arrangements, however, they must enter details about vaccination. They also need an official certificate of vaccination from the vaccination centre that gave the vaccine. In the case of Pakistan, the certificate of vaccination is available by contacting NADRA.muqeem-arrival-registration

Muqeem.Sa Vaccine Registration Online

Visitors and residents who have received vaccination jabs in Saudi Arabia, they do not require a certificates of vaccination as their records is already in Tawakkalna However they should ensure that they’ve already been registered in Twakkalna. They can also update their certificate of vaccination by visiting the following

Check Online

Muqeem Registration 72 Hours

The Muqeem Registration for Arrival Link for journey towards Saudi Arabia, Muqeem Registration Validation of Vaccines at the Time of Arrival for non-vaccinated and Vaccinated Travelers Since the outbreak of coronavirus in the world affected the tourism industry, it was most affected, and slowly, it is returning to its original condition, due to countries’ concessions on travel guidelines. However, you need to be cautious and adhere to the coronavirus guidelines issued by a specific country.

Arrival Registration Form

Saudi Arabia is one of the most sought-after destinations for those who want to create unforgettable memories that will last throughout their life. Saudi Arabia also announced some of its travel guidelines for tourists from other nations. If you’re among those who wish to visit Saudi Arabia after an annoying lockdown, you need to sign up on Muqeem. Muqeem site.

Muqeem Registration For Ofw

Since Saudi Arabia announced the relaxation in its tourism industry foreign tourists are excited to take their vacation with their families in Saudi Arabia without following any complex procedure. However, they must finish registration on the Muqeem online registration prior to traveling into Saudi Arabia. It is necessary to obtain an immunity certificate using the Tawakkalna mobile application.

Norms for Non-vaccinated tourists

The following are the few requirements for vaccinated visitors throughout the enrollment process: Check Online
Enter your data 72 hours before your journey to Saudi Arabia. Check Online
The airport officials will validate the accuracy of the data entered when granting the boarding ticket. Check Online
If a tourist fails to adhere to rules, he will be prohibited from entering the country. Check Online
Install the Tawakkalna app from the google store. Check Online

Arrival registration ksa

Every person who is not taking vaccination, or has been vaccinated must join Muqeem. Muqeem site. Anyone who does not follow the steps below is barred from traveling into Saudi Arabia. Check out the steps below to register through the Muqeem portal.

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