MEPCO Bill Pay Online 2023

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MEPCO Bill Pay Online 2023 – Are you worried that Multan Electric Supply Company didn’t send your MEPCO bill? No worry! We offer simple online tools to help you create duplicate MEPCO bills for free. We have exciting news for all MEPCO Electricity customers. You can now check your August MEPCO online bill on this website. There’s no need to wait in line at the MEPCO office to receive your bill. The digitalization of the world is taking place in Pakistan.

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MEPCO is the largest energy provider, serving 35 million customers across 13 districts in southern Punjab. Bahawal Nagar Multan, Muzaffar Garh Layyah, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajan Pur, Pak Pattan, Lodhran, Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal, Sahiwal, and Vehari are the districts that MEPCO operates.

MEPCO Online Bill June 2023 Check Online

The MEPCO bill is available on the internet here. This free website lets users to search quickly for their MEPCO bill. It allows you to view how much you owe on the latest bill, along with the due date and also look over the entire bill here. You can complete your MEPCO online bill through printing it or downloading it. Check MEPCO Online Bill June 2023 Online. You can download this Mepco bill online. Just type in the reference code. Enter the 14-digit reference code in the box below to see your electric bill.

MEPCO online

Are you having trouble paying your Mepco electric bill each month? You can check your MEPCO account online through It’s a no-cost service that lets you check the details of your MEPPCO bill online, check Multan the due date, and the previous bills. You can view the Mepco bill for industrial, residential commercial, and industrial electricity connections. After you have entered your reference number of 14 digits, you can print and view your electric bill (Bijli bills). On this free website it is easy to access the Mepco bills.

Online MEPCO bill

Welcoming you to an online, free service that lets you examine, print and download Mepco bills. Reviewing your online MEPCO bill is one of the simplest and fast procedures. You can examine the due dates on your bills and also duplicate, print or download them for easy payment of those Mepco Wapda bills.

MEPCO online bill enter 14 digit

If you’re searching to find Mepco Mis or looking for Mepco government pks to receive you Mepco bills in duplicate, you can simply input your reference number into the box above to see what your total bill is. provides a friendly web site that makes the process of obtaining Mepco utility bills easy.

About MEPCO:

MEPCO is the abbreviation in the form of Multan Electric Power Corporation. It is a short abbreviation. MEPCO is an unincorporated public corporation founded on May 14th in 1998. MEPCO is responsible for the distribution of electricity in Multan and the adjacent areas of Pakistan’s South Region of Pakistan.

MEPCO online bill 2023

It is possible to view the total amount of the bill along with the date for paying for the Mepco consumer bill. You can look at the complete bill to find the additional charges to pay following payment due dates, the bill payment date as well as the meter reading date. If you’re interested in knowing whether your electric bill has been unpaid or paid You can also verify this on the latest month’s bills. You can review the entire bill and view the history of payments in the section that shows the most recent 12 months of bills as well as the amount of money that were paid. You can download the mepco bill application here.MEPCO-Bill-Pay-Online

Wapda Bill Online Check

So, if you’re searching for the Multan electric invoice (bijli bill) or a wapda invoice in one of the cities below, you’re on the right place. Enter the reference number of your bill to view the most up-to-date Mepco bill.The residents in The Multan’s Garden Town can also acquire duplicate bills from here. Visit to find the official Mepco website.

Check Online

The areas beneath MEPCO

The Multan Electric Supply Company distributes energy and oversees maintenance in the cities below.

  1. Multan Lodhran Khanewal
  2. Pakpattan Bhawalpur Sahiwal
  3. Dera Ghazi Khan Rajanpur Muzaffargarh
  4. Vehari Layyah Rahim Yar khan
  5. Bahawalnagar

Bill Information: lets you quickly view the amount due as well as the due date and look over the entire bill that includes the date for reading the meter the date of bill issue as well as the amount you must pay on the due date along with an extra surcharge, in addition to other details. If you’d like to check whether your bill was completed or not, then you may only do this for the bills from the previous month. It is possible to open the entire bill and then access the payment history of your bill and then view the history of payments for the last 12 months, as well as the amounts that were paid.

Peak Hours at Mepco:

Mepco is adamant about reducing the amount of electricity consumed during peak times to lower your electric bill and also help to stabilize the electricity supply throughout the region. Mepco’s peak times are according to the following:

Multan Check Online
Bahawalnagar Check Online
Pakpattan Check Online
Rahim Yar khan Check Online
Khanewal Check Online
Sahiwal Check Online
Dera Ghazi Khan Check Online
Rajanpur Check Online
Bhawalpur Check Online
Lodhran Layyah Check Online
Vehari Check Online
Muzaffargarh Check Online

MEPCO online bill 2022 is a user-friendly website that lets you view or print your electric bill on all kinds of device (mobile/desktop). All you need to do is input a 14-digit code for your account. Don’t forget that you cannot look up the amount of your bill using either your phone’s number, ID card number or name.

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MEPCO Contact Numbers

Phone: 920619220313


Address: MEPCO complex. Khanewal road MEPCO colony, Multan Punjab.

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