Marie Curie Scholarship 2023

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The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship Program (MSCFP) seeks to increase the percentage of women working who work in nuclear science and to create a diverse workforce comprised of females and males who drive the advancement of science and technology in the world. The name is a tribute to the pioneering physicist and two-time Nobel Prize laureate Marie Sklodowska-Curie The Program aims to inspire young women to pursue careers in the field of nuclear science by offering women who are highly motivated with grants for master’s programs HTML1and the opportunity to complete an internship that is facilitated with the IAEA.

Marie-Curie-LogoMarie Curie Scholarship 2023

Students who are selected receive a scholarship for master’s degrees in the field of nuclear study at accredited institutions. Additionally, they are offered the chance to undertake an internship that is facilitated through the IAEA for a maximum of 12 months.

Marie Curie Scholarship and Fellowship for International

The scholarships are given out annually with the possibility of up to 100 + female applicants selected each year, based on the funds available. Special consideration is given to geographic studies, study fields, and language diversity.

Women’s role in the field of science

The scientific breakthroughs of the past have brought to the world benefits previously unimaginable. Marie Sklodowska-Curie’s pioneering research on radioactivity during the late 1800s allowed us to harness the power of the atom providing a myriad of benefits to humanity.

Want to become a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow? Individual

With its sole mission to increase and accelerate the peaceful applications of nuclear energy The IAEA is on the leading edge in research and technology transfer and relies on a steady group of skilled technicians to carry out its mission. The workforce is diverse and should include women.

Marie Curie Scholarship PhD

The purpose of the MSCA-PF program is to boost the professional development of those with a Ph.D. seeking to improve their abilities through advanced training in international, interdisciplinary, and cross-sectoral exchange. MSCA Postdoctoral Scholarships are available to exceptional researchers of all nationalities and include researchers who wish to return to Europe as well as researchers who have been affected by conflicts and researchers who have a high chance of achieving an opportunity to restart their careers in research.


Marie Curie Scholarship 2022

The program is open to researchers from all fields of research and encourages researchers to investigate projects of research and innovation that are not academic in nature.

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Marie Curie Scholarship For Master’s

To be in compliance with the rules regarding mobility for applicants who want their research to be in the care of Bristol University University of Bristol, must not have lived or carried out the primary activity (work or studies, etc.)

You’ll need to submit the following documents to apply:

  1. Certificate of language proficiency, if required by the particular discipline.
  2. Cover letter explaining why your candidature is the best fit for that project.
  3. CV showcasing previous work experience and publications.
  4. Letter of recommendation or two contact references.
  5. Relevant master’s degree or an equivalent qualification that demonstrates your suitability to undertake a doctoral degree.
  6. Transcript of grades.

within UK (for European Postdoctoral Fellowships) UK (for Europe Postdoctoral Fellowships) longer than twelve consecutive months during the 36 months preceding the deadline for application. for global Postdoctoral Fellowships, this restriction applies to the host institution which will house the fellow in the outgoing stage of their fellowship.

Marie Curie Ph.D. Fellowship 2023 Deadline

Innovating research is investing in the future. As part of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Acts (MSCA), The Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships are the European government’s investment in the development of researchers and their research.

Marie Curie Fellowship Eligibility

Marie-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships help researchers at every stage of their careers, regardless of their age and nationality. Research fellowships provide career-development opportunities for researchers across all disciplines.

Marie Curie Scholarship 2022

If you’re a professional with experience European permanent or national resident, and a Tyndall graduate who is looking to propel your career The MSCA Global Fellowship will provide an exciting opportunity to further your education.

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Marie Curie Fellowship Results 2023

If you’re an Tyndall principal investigator (PI) seeking to bring an additional level of expertise to your field you can apply for an MSCA Fellow. MSCA Fellow could be brought in for your group from within the EU and from other parts in the entire world.The primary function of the Postdoctoral Fellowship is a research training and development project created by the researcher, in collaboration with their supervisor from their home institution. It is created to train through research.

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