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Kashf Foundation Loan Apply Online 2023 – This case is based on a conundrum the Kashf Foundation’s human resource manager confronted regarding how to inspire his loan officers. Roshan Zafar, who is headquartered in Pakistan, is the founder and managing director of the Kashf Foundation, the chair of Kashf Holdings, and the founder of the Kashf Microfinance Bank Limited (now known as FINCA).

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The core of Kashf’s activities is its loan officers. She was a woman in development associate with the World Bank who worked in the water and sanitation industries. The organisation experienced a wave of instability in late 2008, which destroyed its financial stability.

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In addition to receiving numerous national and international honours, including Tamgha-i- Imtiaz, one of Pakistan’s highest civilian honours, Roshaneh has represented Kashf and Pakistan in numerous international forums, including the World Economic Forum.

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Being a nonprofit organisation, Kashf Foundation was unable to provide a profitable career path to potential workers, particularly loan officers. Additionally, she was a member of the United Nations Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors and has served on the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda committees on Pakistan and the gender gap.

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But because of its admirable goal, many joined the organisation to feel like they were helping the community and the targeted households that received microfinance services. People living at the base of the economic pyramid confront numerous difficulties, such as growing inflation, rising energy and commodity prices, and overall economic underdevelopment. Pakistan’s economy has been following the global economic crisis since 2008.

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As a result, the organisation gained business, which led to financial sustainability, and the loan officers gained respect in the neighbourhood. In order to assist clients in coping with this, Kashf Foundation makes sure that clients always have access to financial services notwithstanding the macroeconomic and microeconomic uncertainty.

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Before the tide came in, Kashf had steadily improved its financial standing and showed that its clientele was overwhelmingly satisfied (near to 100%). This has been accomplished by concentrating credit on productive uses, eliminating loan overlap, determining customers’ debt capacity before making payments, and modifying the credit process to improve loan productivity.

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A crisis then struck the organisation in the fall of 2008. The Kashf Foundation employs a “microfinance plus” strategy, providing its clientele with a range of additional financial and non-financial services. When a borrower applies for a loan with Kashf, one-on-one basic financial literacy training with one of its business development employees is required.


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The problem was brought on by stories that were circulating among the Kashf’s clientele regarding a local politician’s fraudulent promise to waive off all loan repayments in his district. The client then goes through a loan screening process that includes an evaluation of the client’s business and is heavily focused on ensuring that the funds are used for productive purposes.

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This made it impossible for the loan officers to collect loan repayments or issue new loans, in addition to the overall deteriorating economic situation of the nation. The productive loan, which can be used to expand and create new economic prospects, is the main loan kind. In this crisis, loan officers were receiving the most criticism, which led to two key issues.

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A relatively new loan product called Kashf Easy Loan (KEL) was created to address the immediate demands of customers who needed small loans for any reason. It is a readily available loan of PKR 15,000 that aims to reach an untapped market while also preparing low-income female clients for microfinance.

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The first was that the loan officers were reluctant to enter the field because they were abused and threatened rather than respected, and the second was that there was a significant increase in attrition among loan officers. It provides assistance to individuals who want to meet urgent financial needs.

Features & Specifications for Kashf Easy Loan

Instalments 12 (monthly instalments)
Insurance Life Insurance available with this product
Quantity PKR 15,000
Time Duration One year

Kashf Foundation Loan Process

The human resource manager now faces the task of creating an incentive structure that can inspire and keep the loan officers. This loan can be obtained quickly and with simple terms. A variable pay structure may be an alternative to the fixed pay structure that the human resource manager is considering. Existing customers can use Kashf Sahulat Karza to get a cash infusion to cover any unexpected bills or requirements that may arise throughout the term of their loan with Kashf.

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