June 18, 2024

1 thought on “IIU Jobs 2024

  1. The school is working on behalf of this mentioned IIUI school in sahiwal have such a bad policy that they heirs BS and Mphil qualified teachers and say them that we are hiring you on behlf of contract base stipened at Rs.6000 as your are fresh and also to experienced persons to say them that we offers you 12000,13000 or 15000 salaries but after thwir working of 1 or two mnths they just make a lime excuse and say you are not wrking well and just dont give them even a single rupees and the senior teacher who is wrking their whose name is sana who check others teachers work is also involved with the owner of the school to engulf money of teachers, kindly take a struct actions against these private/goverment schools and give employees justice.

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