Hec Journal Recognition System 2023

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Hec Journal Recognition System 2023 – Are you searching for an index of research journals recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to aid you in your studies or research? With the recent introduction of the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) Accessing lists of HEC-recognized journals is now simpler than ever before. If you’re looking forward to getting your copy of the List of HEC-recognized journals, then you’re in the right spot.

Hec LogoHec Journal Recognition System 2023

Research journals are described as publications that are scholarly and consist of articles written by researchers, professors and specialists in various disciplines. In this blog article, we will show how you can download the HEC acknowledged journal list.

Www.hjrs.hec.gov.pk Pakistan 2023

The reason for publishing these journals is to showcase the latest research in the subject of research. It is also possible to find out whether a journal has been HEC recognized? As we’ve already covered how to locate information about HEC-recognized schools in Pakistan in greater detail We will now focus on how you can use HEC Journal Recognition System.

HEC Approved Supervisor List

HEC Journal Recognition System in order to access the listing of HEC acknowledged journals from medicine, social sciences, along with other areas. Journals that are listed in JML and do not have an impact factor, nor any other parameters such as AIF, EFT, H-Index, SJR, and SNIP are classified under the Y category.

W X Y Category Journals

The Higher Education Commission, more frequently referred to as HEC is an organization that is part of the Government of Pakistan to provide and supervises the primary funding, regulation, and accreditation of higher education institutions within Pakistan. Journals that are available within the indexes listed below of the Web of Science core collection are listed in HJRS:

What Is The Hec Journal Recognition System?

In 1947, it was established as the University Grants Commission (UGC) before it was reformed as HEC in 2002 The commission is responsible for the growth for the system of education in Pakistan. The relative position and the category of each journal are calculated through a unique algorithm that was developed with the aim of promoting high-quality research across a variety of disciplines.

List Of Hec Recognized Journals 2023 Pdf

The HEC Journal Recognition System is an online database of HEC-recognized journals.The initiative was announced earlier this year to help promote high-quality research across a variety of disciplines of research.

Hec Journal Categories

HJRS classifies HEC-recognized journals into three distinct categories, which are W, both X and Y, based upon their quality, which is assessed using internationally recognized and benchmarked prestige metrics known by the name of Journal Prestige Index (JPI).

X Category Journals List

Higher Education Commission (HEC) supports national research journals that are published by authorized organizations (universities or faculties’ departments of such organizations or registered research institutions , or non-profit academic societies that have the mandate to conduct research) by providing financial assistance and capacity development to improve their publication and academic standards.


Hec Recognized Medical Journals 2023

The new system online includes an array of HEC research journals across every discipline and subject area as per the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). The introduction of different policies has been designed to improve and maintain the standards of publication and academic excellence of academic publications.

Check Online

Hjrs Hec

An online system called the HEC’s Journals Recognition System (HJRS) is also in place to recognize research journals. In addition, the publication of research and scholarly work in other journals is also promoted through accreditation as well as financial support.

Hec Recognized Journals (Arts And Humanities)

You can get access to HEC Journal Recognition System by logging into the HEC Journal Recognition System directly by going to HEC’s official HEC website and then hovering your mouse over the word “R&D” in the navigational top panel.

List Of Hec Recognized International Journals

HEC Journal Recognition System is an assortment of genuine research journals that are ranked in categorical categories that are based on the use of various ranking criteria. It is based upon a unique algorithm developed with the goal of encouraging quality research across different disciplines. HJRS permits the perception of the rank of the journal as global within the subject area and subcategories.

HEC recognized journals under Different Areas

Agriculture Sciences Check here
Arts and Humanities Check here
Biological and Health Sciences Check here
Education and HR Check here
Engineering and Technology Check here
Management Sciences Check here
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Check here
Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Check here

How To Find The List Of Hec Recognised Journals In Hjrs

Choose ‘HEC Recognised Journals in the drop-down menu. Once you select it, you will be taken to a website that provides all the pertinent information and hyperlinks to the latest list of HEC acknowledged journals within these disciplines.

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Contact Number and Address

Contact Number: +92-91-9217643

Address: Higher Education Commission Regional Centre, Phase-V, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Email:  sukhan@hec.gov.pk

Official Website: hec.gov.pk

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