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This is where you can find your Govt Hajj Packet 2022 Pakistan Price, Dates Schedule and Application Formula. Ministry of Religion and Spiritual Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri has released the Hajj Policy 2022. This year, 81,132 pilgrims will be performing Hajj. Around 60% of them will be performing through the government scheme and the rest through the private program. Soon, applications will begin. All applicants to the Hujjaj Karams must submit their passports that are computer-readable, Computerized CNIC, and Medical Certificate by the date and time in the application process for hajj.

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Additionally, you must complete the Hajj Application form at the designated bank branches, and after filling in and completing it return it to the bank you originally used it for by the end of the date. The full details of Hajj 2022 is available in this article.

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This year, the cost was increased because of the added charges imposed in Saudi Government. Saudi Government. So far it is unclear if the Saudi government hasn’t yet announced the exact Hajj fee , but as the Government of Pakistan has issued an announcement.

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Anyone who wants to submit an online application for Hajj are able to submit their application form online at www.hajjinfo.org. However applicants who have submitted hajj applications to banks today they can go to the official website of the branch bank for the submission of hajj applications.

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Government of Pakistan has issued the Hajj information for this year and the number of people who will make the hajj. Additionally, the total cost of Hajj cost is 9 lacs 49 lakh rupees. Additionally, you can use the Hajj flight schedule for PIA from 2022.

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Applications for Hajj can be made between May 1 and May 13. Saudi Arabia issues the Hajj 2022 quota. The year 2022 will see one million Saudi citizens and foreigners will receive Hajj’s blessings. Bangladesh is home to 57,585 Hajj contingents, Nigeria 43,008, Afghanistan 13,582 and Turkey 37,770. The United Kingdom has 12,348, the United States 9,504, and France 9,268.

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Saudi Arabia has decided to permit foreigners to participate in the Hajj and 60, 000 foreigners will be permitted to make this Hajj next year. The people between 18 and 60 are allowed to take part in Hajj however, those who are under 18 and over 60 years old will not be permitted.

Public Notice Regarding Booking / Registration for Hajj-2022

It is reported that the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah declares that Hajj will be held in the year of which foreigners are also permitted to attend, but the arrangements must be made to ensure the safety and health of the pilgrims. They will have facilities and amenities within a secure setting.

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Govt Hajj Package 2022 Pakistan Price, Dates Schedule

Hajj applications may also be submitted online between May 1 through May 13. The application for Hajj is submitted by paying a token sum of Rs 50000. The maximum age to apply for Hajj is 65 old. complete corona vaccine and booster doses are also required to be completed for Hajj.

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Hajj 2022 Application Form

Anyone who has done Hajj in the Government Hajj Scheme in the five years prior to the scheme (2015 and up to) cannot be eligible to take part in Hajj in 2021 as a result of this scheme, other than as a Mehram.

Hajj 2022 Guide for Pilgrims from Pakistan

The pilgrims are instructed to follow the instructions of officials of the Hajj Ministry to submit a request to form groups, and up to 14 people can be included in the group. This year’s Hajj application draws will be made in the form of the pilgrimage group.

Mandatory Requirements

International Machine Readable Pakistani Passports are valid for at least until the 1st of February in 2021. Valid NADRA Computerised CNIC. A clear, color image in the size of 4×3 cm (70 percent of the image must feature the applicant’s face) with an unlit blue background. women should cover their heads or neck with ear covers.

Hajj 2022: Govt starts receiving online Hajj applications

For over 70 years and applicants whose names are not included in previous drawings are required to fill out the application within that same class. Women who are pregnant over five months old are not eligible for Hajj and those suffering from serious heart diseases such as asthma, or tuberculosis. high-level diabetes and people with high blood pressure won’t be eligible to apply.

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How to Apply For Hajj 2022 in Pakistan Banks Details and .

The applicants who are from Karachi, Sukkur, and Quetta are required to pay the Hajj expense of Rs 478520. The pilgrims planning to travel for Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Multan, and Faisalabad must pay Rs.486270.Costs include pilgrimage education and tickets for two-way flights accommodations for the pilgrims in Mecca and Medina and Medina, meals, transportation along with boarding and tuition costs.

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