Gold Rates In Pakistan Today 2022

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Gold Rates In Pakistan Today 2022 – offers the most current and up to current Gold Rates in Pakistan in accordance with the International market. For current rates of gold in Pakistan You can check out, We keep track of the international market rate for gold every 15 minutes from reliable sources. Prices for gold may differ in each city in Pakistan. Karachi is the principal city for the market of gold and in Pakistan, Karachi is leading for gold prices, and each city is governed by the Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association for the current price of gold. rates for various cities like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta are also accessible on

Gold-Logo Gold Rates In Pakistan Today 2022 is not responsible or accountable for any transaction which are made on the basis of the this gold rate.Today, the Gold Rate in the gold market of Pakistan is PKR 11.742 from 10 grams. Gold is usually considered the most precious and valuable metal, and thereby its importance and significance cannot be neglected.In Pakistan, Gold is extensively used for a variety of reasons, such as jewelry made of gold.

1 tola gold price in pakistan today 2022

The current rate for gold in Pakistan for 24k/tola is about Rs. 142,000, as per Saraf Jewelers Association. The price of gold in Pakistan generally depends on a variety of aspects like USD to PKR exchange rate as well as fluctuations in the international gold markets. The purest form of gold can be found in 24K, but it can also be found in 22K, 21K 20K and 18K.

Latest Gold Price in Pakistan

Gold is a synonym for something that is pure, beautiful and expensive. Gold is widely used for jewelry in the subcontinent culture. Its demand is high during wedding seasons. If you’re contemplating making Gold jewelry, you can find the most current Gold prices in Pakistan Today based on its purity, whether 18, 20, 22 or 24 carats.

gold rate in pakistan today 2022

The rates for gold can differ from city to city based on various variables like the demand, interest rates, state taxes as well as bullion traders transport costs, fabrication costs, and so on. Gold is a well-known investment option throughout the world especially in Pakistan.

What Is Gold Rate In Pakistan Today Per Tola?

1 Tola Gold Price in Pakistan is Rs. 142,000 according to the most recent updated price on the 27th of May, 2022.How Many Grams In 22k Gold?The price of gold is typically calculated using a fraction basis. For 22 Karat gold, it’s 22/24. But, the 22k gold contains 8.33 percent alloy metal, and 91.67 percent gold. Therefore, a 10g 22K gold bar contains 9.1666 grams of gold in the alloy.

How Much Is A Tola?

The measurements of tola vary across different countries. In Pakistan one tola is equivalent to 11.663 grams.

Gold In Pakistan

The use of gold is widespread in Pakistan over the past few years. numerous women in Pakistan are likely to use gold as a fashion accessory, while others use it as a source of capital. If we had discussed the Gold Priceso the cost of gold is determined by the London Bullion Market and sometimes by the IMF They had only the authority determine the gold standards as well as its price.Gold-Rates-In-Pakistan-Today

1 tola gold price in pakistan today 2022

In addition the price of gold is not set and fluctuates from time the moment because a number of variables affect it. For instance, in Pakistan the gold rate today is always greater levels because the Pakistani rupee is always considered to be a weak in comparison to other currencies of the world. Also, if we examine Gold Price Pakistan History so Pakistan has never had a steady rate and , in fact, not even noticed. Pakistan is facing a serious economic crisis and severe inflation.

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Today Gold Rate In Pakistan In Urdu

Additionally the gold rate has a significant according to some factors that are listed below.The price for one gram of 24-karat gold reported in the range of Rs.122,600. In the same way, 10 grams of gold 22k were sold for Rs 112,383 and the single tola of 22-karat gold was sold for Rs 131,082.

1 tola gold price in lahore today

Note: It is important to note that the price of gold in Pakistan is subject to fluctuations based on the international market and therefore the price has never been fixed. Below rates are supplied from local market for gold as well as Sarafa Markets of different cities.




Lahore PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Karachi PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Islamabad PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Peshawar PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Quetta PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Sialkot PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Attock PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Gujranwala PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Jehlum PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Multan PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Bahawalpur PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Gujrat PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Nawabshah PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Chakwal PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Hyderabad PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Nowshehra PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Sargodha PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Faisalabad PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644
Mirpur PKR 143,000 PKR 1,644

Gold Rate In Pakistan Today

Karachi is the primary center of Karachi is the main hub of market for the gold market located in Pakistan, Karachi is the most popular in the price of gold each city follows Karachi Sarafa Bazar Association for the price of gold, today gold prices for cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta are the same.

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