FBR Online NTN Verification 2022

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FBR Online NTN Verification 2022 – How to Verify NTN Online Check/verify your NTN and STRN on the FBR website. The FBR offers an excellent online NTN and STRN inquiry service. Online FBR NTN Verification and Online NTN STRN Inquiry: Three Simple Methods to Get NTN STRN Information and NTN Verification. Online verification and checking of your NTN & STRN are possible from the FBR website. Visit e.fbr.gov.pk to inquire/check your NTN and STRN now.

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Additionally, in addition, the FBR has also decided against an additional extension of the filing of tax returns for income. But, the FBR has given the chief commissions to take requests for extensions following the deadline.

Online FBR Verification

Online NTN verification using CNIC is the way in which the NTN is verified over the internet via the FBR via its online portal. You can conduct an online NTN Verification for a variety of reasons, depending on your requirements of yours. Online NTN verification is done through the CNIC number. It’s quite easy to receive an FBR Online NTN Verification in Pakistan. All you have to do is to the FBR’s official website. We will discuss two easy methods to verify the verification online NTN.

FBR Active Taxpayer List Online Verification

You can get an online NTN verification by entering NTN within the search box. In the “Registration No. Box, enter the box your National Tax Number without the dashes. If you’ve selected CNIC in the parameter selection box Make sure to note down your CNIC in the Registration box, and not use dashes. Only complete the captcha and then click the verify button. That’s it! You will be provided with the following details:

FBR Login

To conduct an online NTN confirmation, you need the use of an NTN number or CNIC number. If you have your company’s Registration or Incorporation number you could also conduct your NTN verification by entering the number. But, if you are abroad and don’t have any of the above, in such case your passport number would work well, and you can verify your NTN registration online by putting your passport number in the NTN verification form available at https://e.fbr.gov.pk/esbn/Verification#

Time Required For Online Verification of the NTN

The verification of NTN registration online could take up to a couple of minutes. If you do not see a result for your NTN it signifies that FBR hasn’t yet given you an NTN number yet. In this case, you are able to apply for an application for registration of the NTN on the internet, through FBR’s other website, IRIS. On this website, you’ll look for the option ” Registration for an unregistered person”. In this section, you must enter your entire information in the NTN Registration Form and attach the necessary documents. Once you have completed the online application you can get your NTN registration number. Before you apply online or with NTN check to make sure that your NTN is registered in the FBR.FBR-Online-NTN-Verification

NTN Holders must file annual income tax returns

If you have registered your NTN more than 10 years ago or longer and have not yet submitted your tax return for income or tax return, you need to be enrolled electronically through Iris FBR. Iris FBR website. The person who has already registered as well as enrolled is informed via SMS and email. NTN holders are accountable to file their annual tax return for income to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) within the timeframe.

Check Online

FBR Registration

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has set December 08th, 2020 as the date to finish filing tax returns on income for the fiscal year 2019-20. So, if you’ve not already filed your taxes be sure to sign into the FBR’s IRIS portal to finish the tax filing process.

The authorities have also upgraded their Tax Asaan application to make it simpler for citizens to submit their wealth declaration and to complete an NTN verification online. NTN verification.

Sales Tax Verification

If you are wondering how to check online NTN verification in Pakistan, then this blog is for you. We will go step by step and help you through the process of verifying your tax number online. Also, there are two ways through which you can verify your National Tax Number (NTN) – either through the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) website or through FBR’s official mobile application i.e. the Tax Asaan App so that you can check the online NTN verification while on the go.

Income Tax

Income Tax basics Check Online
Register for Income Tax Check Online
Change your personal details Check Online
File Income Tax Return Check Online
Active Taxpayer List (ATL) Check Online
Withholding Tax Rates Check Online
Pay Income Tax Check Online
Income Tax Return Form Check Online


It’s easy to apply online for the NTN certification in Pakistan. All you need do is visit the FBR’s site. The Online Services tab is on the left-hand side of the site. Click on the “Online Verification Portal. Then you will arrive at the verification online services page. Click on the NTN/STRN online inquiry tab. Then you will land on the webpage that is shared below:

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Contact Number and Address

Contact Number: 051 111 772 772, International 0092 51 111 772 772

Address: House no, 48 Street 1, near kosher Market, F-6/3 F 6/3 F-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Email: [email protected]

Official Website: fbr.gov.pk

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