Eiffel Scholarship 2023

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Eiffel Scholarship 2023 – The applications for French Government’s Eiffel scholarships program are open for the academic year 2023-2024. Have you ever thought of attending a completely free internationally renowned university located in Europe? The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship program in France has been created to make your dream a reality.

Eiffel-LogoEiffel Scholarship 2023

The Eiffel scholarships were created by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to allow French universities to draw top foreign students to apply for their doctoral or master’s programs. You can take advantage of the opportunity to study on Campus France for free if you have a stellar academic track record.

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023

For to be considered for the Eiffel scholarship, send the application (master’s or doctoral) to a participating French university. The French Government scholarship 2023 offers an amazing opportunity for students looking to attain the heights of their success. They can apply as a student at European universities that have top master’s and doctoral degrees.

Eiffel Scholarship Requirements

If you are selected, your application will be forwarded through Campus France for a second and final selection. The program offers highly qualified students the opportunity to earn an stipend every month for the duration of their course.Campus France collects and centralizes all university nominations locally. The fully-funded scholarship program aims to connect individuals who have diverse cultural, social political, economic, and experiences around the globe.

Eiffel Scholarship 2023

If you’re again, chosen and selected, you will be awarded the award. This France Scholarship is for students from abroad. The is designed to encourage French higher education among students who are interested in coming to France.Applications that are sent straight via Campus France or transmitted by non-French institutions are not eligible.

Eiffel Scholarship 2022 Recipients

Campus France is operating in across 124 countries and more than 500 employees are employed to carry out its goal of helping students to come to France to pursue higher education.It is awarded for a maximum of 12 months when enrolled in an M2 program, Eiffel scholarship is granted for a maximum period of 12 months when you enroll in an M2 program.

How To Apply For Eiffel Scholarship 2022

It is also available for an maximum of 24 months when you enroll in an M1 program and up to 36 months while preparing for Engineering degrees. Their offices across multiple countries are accountable for the implementation of their Study in France procedure in their respective countries.

Eiffel Scholarship Deadline 2023

For PhD studies, the Eiffel scholarships are granted for one year in France.The directors at Campus France are its key people who are already acquainted with the audience they are targeting and the higher education process.


Eiffel Scholarship Universities List 2023

Every French university has their own calendar Dates for opening and closing and the application process. They share their expertise with French consulates to aid and encourage collaboration between France and the other countries that are associated with it.

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Eiffel Scholarship 2022-2023

We centralize all of the French universities’ call for applications. They also share their experience with French consulates to help and facilitate collaboration between France and the other countries that are associated with it.

Eiffel Scholarships In France For International Students 2023-23

The deadline for submission of the Sciences Po application including the necessary documents in order to apply for the Eiffel Scholarship on October 31st 2021 for students who are new for the university of Sciences Po. The international scholarship is administered in conjunction with an educational governance body, called Campus France forum. Campus France forum.

Eiffel Scholarship  Sciences Po Students

Sciences Po only presents applications from students whose profiles are in line with the requirements that are part of the Eiffel scholarship. This forum assists all French institutions of higher education to collaborate in order to ensure the quality and distinctiveness that is French higher education can be recognized internationally in the way as outlined by the French constitution.

Eiffel Scholarships Program For International Students 2023

If you’re granted a scholarship to learn in Sciences Po, we will notify you if you will have your request submitted for consideration by Campus France (the organisation in charge of this award).The participants are encouraged to acquire the other skills needed to be successful in the age of globalization.


Science and Technology: Check Online
Biology and Health. Check Online
Ecological transition. Check Online
Mathematics and Numerics. Check Online
Engineering sciences. Check Online

Eiffel Excellence Scholarship for Pakistani Students 2023

Students currently studying abroad are given priority over applications submitted by students who are already who are living in France. Furthermore, it helps students to consider the issue and take the best decision in looking at the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and risks in relation to the problem.

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