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DNFBP Registration Pakistan 2023 – Introduction Following the creation of legislative frameworks that fight the menace of Money Laundering (ML) as well as terrorist Financing (TF) as well as the implementation of measures by financial institutions to stop the use of their facilities in ML/TF transactions the money-launderers turned to the non-financial industry in order to hide and conceal the proceeds of crimes. ISLAMABAD: Designated Financial Business and Profession (DNFBP) registration is required for real estate developers, authorities as well as housing societies – residential and commercial – to get NOCs, as announced by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

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The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) carried out a variety of studies to assess the risks of misusing non-financial companies as well as professions involved in ML/TF activities and concluded that the risks were significant. Beginning on March 15th 2023, the requirement is put on all departments of development in the public sector to adhere to the terms of the FATF’s anti-money-laundering act.

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The FATF considered that the threats required the extension of international norms relating to Anti- Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) to certain of these non-financial companies and professions. The notice further directed departments of development in the public sector to issue relevant directives immediately and to appoint or designate compliance officers on a regular basis.

DNFBP Registration Stands For

To become an active part of the global AML/CFT networks, Belize passed amendments to the Money Laundering and Terrorism (Prevention) Act, (MLTPA) in 2008. (MLTPA) and adopted Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions Regulations (DNFBP Regulations), (DNFBP Regulations) in 2014. (DNFBP Regulations).

DNFBP Registration Status

Furthermore, the development of the public sector department has been instructed to make sure that the registration is completed for all real estate agencies and housing associations – which were that were previously registered as DNFBPs FBR and have been appointed or appointed compliance officers.

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Effective seven February 2014 companies that are classified as “designated non-financial professions and businesses” also known as “DNFBPs” must be registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) (See section 2.). Real estate development authorities and housing associations can obtain certificates of registration from the relevant director after they have been registered as DNFBP.


How To Get a DNFBP Certificate

This guide will explain the process of applying and provides an overview of the duties and responsibilities that apply to DNFBPs as per regulations such as the MLTPA in addition to the DNFBP Regulations.

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The receipt of payment from the Finance and Administration Department of the Financial Services Commission is sufficient to prove that you have paid fees for the DNFBP fees for registration. Who must sign up? According to Section 85B under the MLTPA the definition of a person (meaning either a natural person or a legal entity) who operates or plans to continue to conduct any of the following types of business in or out of, Belize is a DNFBP and is legally required to register with the FIU.

DNFBP Certificate Verification

It is essential to confirm that the DNFBP is actually engaged in the activity it claimed to be involved in by submitting its application. To confirm whether the DNFBP is indeed a DNFBP it is required to be granted the DNFBP license for the business.

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How will registration applications function? Beginning on February 7, 2014, if you’re working in a trade or profession and have been classified as a DNFBP as described in section 2 above, you’re required to apply to register with the FIU prior to the 31st August.

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DNFBP Registration Required Documents

If a DNFBP’s business licence or business name certification had not been issued prior to making the DNFBP application and the DNFBP must provide an official duplicate of their license immediately upon receiving it and be able to sign the Letter of Undertaking prior to when they can issue the DNFBP certificate of registration is issued.

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